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Xeon Processor
3.33 GHz Six Core W3680

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Great Computing Starts with Intel
The Intel® Xeon® processor 3600 series-based platforms unleash the computing power of Intel® Xeon® processors. Based on the next-generation Intel® microarchitecture, codenamed Westmere, these processors provide your business with exceptional performance and power efficiency at a very affordable cost.

The Intel Xeon 3600 processor-based servers protect critical business information and offer the performance and headroom to make employees and businesses more productive, making them ideal for small and medium business owners looking for ways to support rapid business growth on small technology budgets.

Note: Heat sink and fan not included

Product Specifications:

Intel Part Number

  • BX80613W3680

Socket Type

  • LGA1366


  • 32 nm Process

Turbo Boost Enabled

  • Yes

Hyperthreading Enabled

  • Yes

Clock Speed

  • 3.33 GHz Base Frequency
  • 3.60 GHz Maximum Turbo Boost


  • 6 Physical
  • 12 Virtual (via Hyperthreading)

Thermal Design Power

  • 130W

Cache Size

  • 12 MB

AES New Instruction Support

  • Yes

64 Bit Support

  • Intel 64

Supported RAM Speeds

  • 1333 MHz
  • 1066 MHz
  • 800 MHz

Intel QPI Link Speed

  • 6.4 GT/s
Manufacturer provided specifications for Intel p/n BX80613W3680
Intel Xeon Processor 3.33 GHz Six Core W3680 Mfr P/N: BX80613W3680 OWC SKU: ITLBX80613W368U 3.33 GHz Six Core Processor with Hyperthreading and TurboBoost Enabled *Used, OWC Tested* 30 Day OWC Fulfilled Limited Warranty Ships: Same Day only $119.00
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