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Ultra Portable Power Inverter 150

The Thinner, Lighter Mobile Power Source
The Kensington Ultra Portable Power Inverter 150 plugs into your vehicle's power port or airline Empower® port to provide AC power to mobile devices requiring up to 120 Watts of continuous power. From laptops to mobile phones, MP3s, PDAs even portable DVD players and many other small mobile devices, it's the most portable choice for power on the road or in the air.

Universal Power Adapters are a convenient choice for households and businesses that have multiple brands of laptops/netbooks. More compact and portable than standard OEM bricks, Kensington Universal Power Adapters can be shared between Users of different laptop brands simply by exchanging the tips included in the packaging. Also, many of Kensington’s Universal Power Adapters offer additional functionality over standard OEM bricks by including a USB port to allow for charging peripheral devices (i.e. Smart Phone, MP3 Player, Personal Gaming Device) while also charging/powering your notebook.

Kensington’s Universal Power Adapters are a popular replacement to lost or broken OEM adapters. But most often, users enjoy the convenience of having an additional Universal Power Adapter to keep in their travel cases for use on the road.


  • Ultra portable-Compact, lightweight, sleek design fits conveniently into a notebook case or vehicle glove box.
  • Powerful-Provides up to 150 Watts of AC power to run a variety of mobile devices.
  • Simple-Simply plug the mobile device into the Inverter and plug the Inverter into your vehicle's power or airline Empower® port for wall (AC) power on the go!
  • Versatile-Works with larger notebooks requiring 120 Watts of continuous AC power plus many other mobile devices, both on the road or in the air.
  • Safe-Bright LED indicator turns ON to warn you of undesirable operating conditions. Built-in safety features including over current protection, low and over supply voltage protection and over temperature protection.

Product Specifications

Manufacturer Part Number

  • 33362


  • North American voltage and frequency (115V AC / 60Hz)


  • 4.72"L X 1.14"H X 2.76"W


  • 0.55 lbs.

Cable length

  • 1.97ft (23.6")



Kensington Inverter Ultra Portable Power Inverter 150 Mfr P/N: 33362 OWC SKU: KEN33362 1x Home AC Outlet - Use home Laptop power adapters and other AC powered devices on the road or in the air. Kensington 1 Year Limited Warranty
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