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Klear Screen


Travel Size 4"x6" Mini Chamois Kloth
The Microfibre Chamois Kloth (MCK) is the most exciting new development in polishing material design and offers significantly better performance. The Microfibre Chamois Kloth (MCK) is washable and reusable hundreds of times! A single cloth can replace hundreds if not thousands of conventional towels of every cloth combination. The ability to absorb up to five times it's weight in liquid differentiates it from any other material or cloth that you can buy from anyone at any price.

The new Microfibre Chamois Polishing Kloths are the solution to use with Klear Screen - to Optimize the cleaning experience.

iKlear is the only cleaner recommended by Apple Tech Support and used by Apple Care and the Genius Bar.

Also clean your HDTV's, Plasma Screen TV's, all LCD displays, Digital Cameras and Camcorders, Cell Phones, PDA's, GPS Screens, Automobile LCD Video Displays, Portable DVD Players, Scanners, CD's, and DVD's.

Product Specifications

Klear Screen Part Number

  • MCK

Package Contents

  • 1- Travel Size Micro-Chamois
Klear Screen Micro-Chamois Mfr P/N: MCK OWC SKU: KLRMCK 4"x6" Mini Chamois - for polishing laptop screens, plasma TVs, anything with a high gloss finish. As Is. No Warranty.
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