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Wireless Speaker Bike Light - Black

Factory Refurbished | Very Good Condition

Mount your music to your handlebars with the DS1 speaker bike light for a simple, stylish audio solution on your next ride.
Bluetooth® Technology
Create your own anthem on your next ride through town while seamlessly connected to the DS1 speaker bike light.
Integrated Speakerphone + Controls
The simple control pad lets you keep your eyes on the road while adjusting volume, pausing/playing music and answering phone calls - you never have to take your phone out.
Travel Safely
The bright, long-lasting LED light illuminates your path and gets you noticed by other riders and drivers well in advance.
6 Hour Rechargeable Battery
The built-in lithium-ion battery recharges quickly with the provided USB cable.
Durable Handlebar Mount + Wrist Strap
The included bike mount secures the DS1 speaker bike light to your bicycle and detaches easily. A wrist strap is also included for handheld use.
Splash-Resistant Design
Ride freely without worrying about the chance of light rain or rolling through deep puddles.

Product Specifications

  • Frequency Response
    • 70Hz-20kHz
  • Audio Output Channels
    • 1
  • Wireless Technology
    • Bluetooth
  • Battery Life
    • 6 hour battery life
  • Battery Type
    • Lithium polymer
  • Power Output
    • Satellites: 5 Watts RMS (each)
  • Power Source
    • Battery
  • Power Button
    • Yes
  • Housing Color
    • Black
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 4.4 cm (1.7 in)
    • Length: 14.0 cm (5.5 in)
    • Width: 5.7 cm (2.2 in)
  • Weight
    • 180.0 g (0.40 lbs)
  • Speakers
    • 3W Mono Speaker
  • Microphone
    • Yes
  • Remote Control
    • No
  • LED Indicators
    • Signal
  • Audio Inputs
    • 3.5mm stereo jack
    • Bluetooth
  • Volume Control
    • Volume +/- Buttons
Manufacturer provided specifications for Jamo p/n JAM1065996



  • (1) Jamo DS1 Wireless Speaker Bike Light
  • (1) 2' USB Charging Cable
  • (1) 2' Auxillary Cable
  • (1) Handlebar Mount
  • (1) Wrist Strap
  • (1) User Documentation
  • Klipsch 90 Day Limited Warranty
Jamo DS1 Wireless Speaker Bike Light - Black Mfr P/N: 1065996 OWC SKU: JAM1065996 Featuring Bluetooth®, a handlebar mount, wrist strap, bright LED light, 6 hour battery life and built-in controls. Klipsch 90 Day Limited Warranty Ships: Same Day
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