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Protective Case
for 13" MacBook Pro (2016)

Keep your new Macbook 13" (with or without Touch Bar) looking clean and pristine. This lightweight, durable clear case snaps on to protect your Macbook from dings and scratches. Designed with vent openings to efficiently disperse heat.
  • Hard-shell polycarbonate case for a perfect fit and maximum protection.
  • Transparent case displays your MacBook Pro in its original appearance.
  • Easy snap-on and lightweight design.
  • Open to all connections and controls.
  • Openings for maximum ventilation.
  • Rubber feet for maximum stability.
  • Prevents dirt, finger prints, and scratches on your Macbook Reinforced corner prevents case from cracking.
  • Product Specifications:

    Macally Part Number



    • Clear
    Manufacturer provided specifications for Macally p/n PROSHELLTB13 UPC#: 701107496887


    This product is compatible with... Learn how to find your Mac's model ID
    MacBook Pro Retina
    MacBook Pro (13-inch Touch Late 2016)
    (October, 2016)
    Model ID: MacBookPro13,2
    2.9GHz, 3.1GHz, 3.3GHz
    MacBook Pro Retina
    MacBook Pro (13-inch Retina display Late 2016)
    (October, 2016)
    Model ID: MacBookPro13,1
    2.0GHz, 2.4GHz
    Macally Protective Case for 13" MacBook Pro (2016) Mfr P/N: PROSHELLTB13 OWC SKU: MACPROSHELLTB13 Protects your new 13" Macbook Pro from dirt and accidental scratches. Clear case displays your Macbook Pro in its original appearance Macally 1 Year Limited Warranty
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