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Ergo Pro
Ergonomic Keyboard

A Better Ergonomic Keyboard
High Quality Switches
The Ergo Pro delivers switches with generous amounts of tactile feedback, while providing enough resistance to support the weight of your hands — exactly what you need for fast, comfortable typing.
A Better Navigation Cluster
Featuring a new and better navigation cluster — one that’s much closer to standard AND more ergonomic. The Ergo Pro keyboard has arranged the navigation keys in their traditional pattern, but laid out horizontally and then positioned along the bottom row, more like a laptop keyboard. It works beautifully with virtually no adjustment time. Thanks to the unique navigation cluster, the Ergo Pro is not as wide as other ergonomic keyboards. It’s not much wider than a laptop keyboard, making it much more comfortable to use with a mouse.
Leg Supports
This keyboard comes equipped with leg supports for 9° tenting and 4.5° negative tilt. It can also be used flat.
Spacious Palm Supports
The palm supports are big and comfortable. Plus, they can be removed, if your desk already has palm supports built-in.
Dedicated Hotkeys
The Ergo Pro offers added dedicated hotkeys for the four most important keyboard shortcuts — undo, cut, copy, and paste. Best of all, no drivers are required. Everything works, right out of the box.
Audio & Media Controls
By holding down the Fn key, you gain access to strategically placed keyboard shortcuts for Volume Up / Down, Mute, Pause / Play, Next Track, and Previous Track.
3 Extra USB 2.0 Ports
Some keyboards have 2 USB ports — most have none. The Ergo Pro provides you three! You can plug in flash drives, digital cameras, your mouse and more.

Product Specifications

  • Programmable Keys
    • No
  • Key Travel Distance
    • 3.5mm
  • Expansion Ports
    • (3) USB 2.0 ports
  • Power Supply
    • Bus-powered
  • Keyboard Layout
    • Mac (US - English) Layout
  • Backlighting
    • No
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 16.5 cm (6.5 in)
    • Length: 3.5 cm (1.4 in)
    • Width: 36.8 cm (14.5 in)
  • Cable Length
    • 1.98 m (6.50 ft.)
  • Weight
    • 1.7 kg (3.73 lbs)
Manufacturer provided specifications for Matias p/n MATFK403R



  • (1) Matias Ergo Pro keyboard
  • (1) Keyboard cable
  • (1) Bridge cable
  • (1) Users manual
  • Matias 1 Year Limited Warranty
Matias Ergo Pro Ergonomic Keyboard Mfr P/N: FK403R OWC SKU: MATFK403R Ergonomic keyboard featuring removable palm rests, mechanical switches, legs for tilting and dedicated shortcuts for undo, cut, copy, and paste. Matias 1 Year Limited Warranty Ships: Same Day Only $200.00OWC Price $149.00 After Special OffersAdd to CartMatias FK403R In Stock, Click to Buy Now