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4X BD-R M-DISC Media

15 Pack Spindle | 25.0GB
The M-DISC is the first ever permanent file backup disc that lasts forever. Unlike computer hard-drives and optical discs that suffer from decay, destroying the files you were trying to preserve and protect, the M-DISC cannot be overwritten, erased, or corrupted by natural processes. Best of all, you can access your data anywhere and anytime. It is the new standard in digital storage.
The New Standard in Digital Storage
Millenniata utilizes chemically stable and heat-resistant materials that are not used in any other blu-ray or optical disc! These materials cannot be overwritten, erased, or corrupted by natural processes. They have an average estimated lifetime of 1000 years.
Etching Data in Stone
Data is stored on the M-DISC by physically altering the recording layer and creating permanent voids or holes. Other optical discs use organic dyes that break down over time, resulting in corrupt and unreadable data. These organic dyes are highly susceptible to temperature, humidity and even sunlight, starting to fade and decay the moment you record data.
Meets Current BD Standards
Unlike the M-DISC DVDs, which require drives with a special higher power laser for writing, these Blu-ray discs are certified by the Blu-ray Disc Association to meet all current standard drive specifications for optimum read/rrite performance. They should work with any modern Blu-Ray drive.
25GB Capacity
These BD-R discs offer 25GB storage capacity on a single-side, single-layer disc to record your HD videos or archive your photos, footages, music and other digital contents.


Product Specifications:

Millenniata Part Number

  • MDBD015

Media Type

  • BD-R


  • 4X


  • 25GB; 23.31GiB


  • Cake Box


  • 15

Burn Type

  • Write Once

Form Factor

  • 120mm Standard

Media Type

  • Blu-ray Recordable Media


Manufacturer provided specifications for Millenniata p/n MDBD015 UPC#: 852353003661
Millenniata 4X BD-R M-DISC Media Mfr P/N: MDBD015 OWC SKU: MILMDBD015 Write once and read forever. Millenniata Lifetime Limited Warranty
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