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Monitors in Motion

Large Edge Clamp

For use with Boa, Sidewinder & Mantis Monitor Arms
The Large Edge Clamp can be clamped onto desks from 30mm (1 1/4") to 51mm (2") thick. The clamp is adjustable using a 5 mm allen key to fit your desk thickness perfectly and extends 3" onto the desk.

Product Specifications:

Monitors in Motion Part Number

  • 000000-0200-00000


  • Machined from 60-61 T6 billet aluminum
Manufacturer provided specifications for Monitors In Motion p/n 000000-0200-00000
Monitors in MotionLarge Edge ClampAluminum Mfr P/N: 000000-0200-00000 OWC SKU: MON0000000 Adjustable clamp for monitor arms Monitors in Motion 10 Year Limited Warranty
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