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Monitors in Motion

Quick Release Holder
for the iPad Air 2


New Condition | Open Box

Secure your iPad Air 2
Monitors in Motion's Quick Release Holder for the iPad Air 2 allows you to quickly and securely mount your iPad Air 2 onto several different iPad stands. It comes with a quick release arm that will expand and contract the gripping arms to fit flush with your iPad Air 2. Fully compatible with Monitors in Motion's Desk Stand, Tablet Lift, Security Desk Stand, Floor Stand, and Executive Desk Stand for a sleek and secure solution.

Product Specifications:

Monitors in Motion Part Number

  • 000000-0000-00181


  • Machined from 60-61 T6 billet aluminum
Manufacturer provided specifications for Monitors In Motion p/n 000000-0000-00181



Monitors in Motion Quick Release Holder for the iPad Air 2 Mfr P/N: 000000-0000-00181 OWC SKU: MON000000181OB Secure and elegant aluminum mount for the iPad Air 2. Compatible with several Monitors in Motion stands. Monitors in Motion 10 Year Limited Warranty Sold Out