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2" Suction Cup

The NewerTech 2" Suction Cup is ideal for removing glass or displays from your devices.

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Reviewer: EstherD Location: Cambridge, MA Age: Over 65 Experience Level: IT Professional Owned Product: less than a month
Rating: 5/5 Perfect! And just what I needed. August 6, 2019 So I wanted to recycle an old iMac 2007. But first I wanted to remove the (failed) hard drive, since I did't want to run the risk that someone could recover personal info therefrom. That meant disassembling the iMac, which requires removing the front glass on this model using suction cups.

These seemed so cheap that I was skeptical they'd actually do the job. And I had read a review of another brand that didn't work reliably. So I figured, at this price, why not get 4, to maximize my chances of getting 2 that worked.

Needn't have bothered. ALL FOUR worked as advertised.

Bottom line: If you NEED 'em, BUY 'em. They WORK!

Also... Thanks for the installation video. Once the glass was off, disassembly seemed straight-forward to me. (I've had lots of hand-to-hand combat experience with Mac and PC hardware.) But when I tried to remove the hard drive by pulling on what appeared to be a latch, I was using what seemed to be far too much force, but it still wouldn't release. Alternative appeared to require removing far too many components. Then I remembered the OWC installation videos. A quick watch confirmed that the thing I was pulling on was indeed a latch. Went back, pulled HARDER than I thought was appropriate, something went CRACK, and out popped the drive. Video saved me probably an hour of very frustrating (and unnecessary) disassembly. Thanks!

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NewerTech 2" Suction Cup
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