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8-Piece “Pen-Style” Toolkit

This stylish “pen” houses an 8-piece toolkit which contains 4 x Phillips Head bits and 4 x Flat Head bits. When not in use, the bits can be stored safely inside the body of the pen-style body, with knurled, screw-on cap for security and easy access. An internal magnet in the tip holds bits securely while working. Perfect for most small jobs.

Product Specifications:

OWC Part Number



  • Black/Silver


  • Aluminum


  • Height: 111 mm (4.37 in)
  • Width: 0.1 mm (.01 in)
  • Length: 111 mm (4.37 in)


  • 38 g (1.34 oz)
Manufacturer provided specifications for Other World Computing p/n PENTOOLKIT



  • (1) Pen-style Driver Body
  • (4) Philips Head Driver Bits
  • (4) Flat Head Driver Bits
OWC 8-Piece “Pen-Style” Toolkit Pen Tool Kit Mfr P/N: PENTOOLKIT OWC SKU: OWCPENTOOLKIT 8-piece portable tool kit compacted into a stylish pen. 30 Day OWC Limited Warranty Unopened
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