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OWC ThunderBay 4 mini
RAID 4 Edition

40.0TB 4-bay external drive

Dual Thunderbolt 2 | RAID 4 | 4 Drive Bays | Mac
Performance + Redundancy
ThunderBay 4 mini RAID is the compact four-bay production drive designed for SSDs and powered by the SoftRAID Engine. With SageMicro high-density SSDs and Thunderbolt 2 connectivity, this ThunderBay 4 mini RAID delivers best-in-class speed and capacity to create workflows without limitations. Transform progress bars into progress and enjoy the capacity to meet the demands of the most complex project, including yours.
  • Up to 1136MB/s read / 887MB/s write sustained RAID 4 performance
  • Up to 1314MB/s read / 1272MB/s write sustained RAID 0 performance
  • Preconfigured in RAID 4 for optimal SSD performance and data redundancy
  • 75% faster rebuild times than hardware RAID

  • Do more with a ThunderBay enhanced workflow
    ThunderBay 4 mini RAID with high-capacity SageMicro SSDs is pre-configured in RAID 4, and supports RAID 0, 1, 5, and 1+0 arrays to achieve the capacity, speed, or data-redundancy your workflow demands. With sustained performance over 1 GB/s, ThunderBay 4 mini RAID expands production capabilities for industry-leading creative platforms.

    Accelerate UHD video production workflows that include multiple streams of 4K footage with Final Cut X. Host audio plug-ins with near-zero latency with Avid Pro Tools. And manage large Adobe Lightroom RAW photo libraries with ease. Even better, ThunderBay 4 mini RAID features two Thunderbolt 2 ports so you can easily daisy-chain additional Thunderbolt devices or displays.
    The RAID 4 Advantage
    ThunderBay 4 mini RAID with SSDs are configured in RAID 4 for optimal performance. This provides the same level of data redundancy and fault-tolerance as RAID 5, but offers a 25% speed boost for SSDs. In RAID 4, the SSDs in your ThunderBay 4 mini are configured as a single volume for increased capacity and tremendous performance gains over a single drive. Special data called "parity information" is stored on one of the disks, allowing your data to remain safe--with the ability to survive a single disk failure--so you can maintain your mission critical workflows worry-free.
    Thinking Outside the Enclosure
    ThunderBay 4 mini RAID is powered by the revolutionary SoftRAID engine. Unlike traditional software RAID solutions, SoftRAID for ThunderBay features volume optimization that quickly configures your drive for specific workflows--from editing video to creating a server. With a flexible and intuitive interface, easily build and reconfigure complex RAID volumes in just a few clicks. You can even daisy-chain multiple ThunderBay drives to create even larger arrays. Plus, the SoftRAID engine delivers comprehensive disk-health monitoring with email notifications and best-in-class rebuild speeds. Now you can experience enterprise-class, software-defined storage right from your desktop.
    Cool, Quiet, and Always Reliable
    A quiet workspace and dependable storage is essential to your productivity. ThunderBay 4 mini features a rugged aluminum enclosure, and an oversized temperature-regulated fan to keep your drives running reliably quiet, and cool. ThunderBay 4 mini undergoes rigorous testing and multi-hour drive burn-in, delivering production-class dependability out of the box.

    4 drive bays plus so much more.
    Time-tested Cooling Cool + Whisper Quiet
    A durable, heat-dissipating, aluminum unibody shell features a "flow-thru" vented design coupled with a 60 mm whisper-quiet fan.
    DisplayPort 1.2 4K Display Support
    Dual Thunderbolt 2 ports let you connect any display that your computer can support, including 4K displays.
    Vibration Dampened Vibration Dampened
    ThunderBay's drive isolating design reduces sonic resonance, and is aided by rugged, vibration-absorbing, non-skid feet.
    Multi-Drive Flexible Expansion
    Daisy-chain up to six ThunderBays on a single Thunderbolt port for expansive storage, RAID, and performance options.
    Thunderbolt Cable OWC Thunderbolt Cable
    ThunderBay comes with an OWC one-meter certified Thunderbolt cable, with other lengths from 0.5 meter to 30 meters available separately.


    • OWC ThunderBay 4 mini High-performance 4-bay Thunderbolt 2 interface drive
    • SoftRAID 5 for ThunderBay
    • High-Quality, Certified, Double-Shielded 1-Meter Thunderbolt cable
    • External UL listed 3-prong power cable
    • 2 keys for front panel lock
    • ThunderBay 4 mini Quick Start Guide
    • OWC ThunderBay 4 mini Assembly Manual & User Guide (Download Only)
    • SoftRAID for ThunderBay Quick Start Guide (1.3 MB)
    • Utility software bundle for Mac
    • OWC 3-Year Solution Limited Warranty with 48-Hour Turnaround Time
    • Complimentary 1-Year, Level-1 Data Recovery


    Product Specifications


    • Thunderbolt 2

    Interfaces Supported

    • Thunderbolt 2

    JBOD / RAID Support

    • JBOD: Utilize each of the four drives independently
    • RAID: Use the included software RAID or one of your choice to setup the ThunderBay 4 for multi-drive performance or data redundancy.
    • SoftRAID 5 Support Page

    Standard Mechanism

    Release Candidate (RC) firmware set

    There are two kinds of firmware for SSDs Mass Production (MP) and Release Candidate (RC). Prior to an MP firmware release, there are beta firmware releases and an RC firmware release. Often, the RC is the same as the MP release, however there can be small changes and bug fixes made between the two. OWC has evaluated the RC for the 6Gb/s SandForce 2281 Processor and found it to be stable with no issues reported during our testing. However, as with any evolutionary product, issues may surface as different usages and configurations are employed and it is important to understand that there will be further updates and revisions.

    Since no firmware update is currently offered for the OWC Mercury EXTREME Pro 6G SSD, no update page exists. To see the typical steps involved with a self performed field firmware update, please visit our 3Gb/s product update page at: http://eshop.macsales.com/Customized_Pages/Framework.cfm?page=sf_firmware.html

    It is important to note that the current firmware update tool requires the use of Windows XP/Vista/7. OWC is currently working on a Mac OS based update tool, but we do not have an exact availability date.

    1.0TB Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD Specifications:


    Silicon Motion SM2246EN Series with 7% Over Provisioning firmware set
    Tier 1 3D NAND
    Form Factor
    Standard 7mm 2.5"
    SATA 6Gb/s, 3Gb/s & 1.5Gb/s supported, SATA 3.0 Compliant
    960GB useable capacity
    Total Flash Memory Components – 1024GB
    64GB allocated to real-time data redundancy & error correction
    Formatted Capacity2
    RAID Support
    Qualified for single drive and multiple drive production workstation RAID 0/1/10/0+1 and SPAN usage.
    SMART Attributes
    Native Command Queuing
    up to 32 commands
    Manufacturer Model Number
    RoHS Compliant


    Height (max)
    7mm (0.276″)
    OWC 7mm – 9.5mm Adapter
    1 included (buy additional)
    Width (max)
    70.06mm (2.758″)
    Length (max)
    100.12mm (3.941″)
    77 grams +/- 2 grams
    0.170 lbs +/- 2.71 oz


    Data Reliability
    Built-in BCH ECC: Up to 66 bits correctable per 1024 bytes
    Chip Based Data Encryption: 256-bit AES-compliant
    TRIM Support
    Nonrecoverable Read Errors
    Less than 1 sector per 1016 bits read


    Sequential Reads (6Gb/s, Compressible Data)
    524 MB/s
    Sequential Writes (6GB/s, Compressible Data)
    413 MB/s
    Sequential Reads (6GB/s, Incompressible Data)
    516 MB/s
    Sequential Writes (6Gb/s, Incompressible Data)
    404 MB/s


    Less than 2000mW (2.0W) expected maximum draw
    Less than 700mW (0.7W)

    Environmental (Operating)

    Temperature (°F)
    32°F to 158°F
    Temperature (°C)
    0°C to 70°C

    Environmental (Non-Operating)

    Temperature (°F)
    -40°F to 185°F
    Temperature (°C)
    -40°C to 85°C


    Idle (Typical)
    0.0 bels
    Seek (Typical)
    0.0 bels
    1. 1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes. Total accessible capacity varies depending upon operating environment (typically 5-10% less). The actual total capacity will depend on your own defined file settings/preferences. 
    2. In terms of standard gigabytes, 1GiB ≈ 1.074GB and refers to the actual formatted capacity of shown under Mac OS 10.5 or earlier and Microsoft Windows OS.
    3. Specific application environments such as temperature and duty cycle will affect the overall reliability.
    4. Temperature reporting is currently an unsupported feature because due to the operating characteristics of SSDs, it is highly unlikely one would ever exceed an OWC Mercury SSD's stated operating temperature ceiling of 158F/70C. However, we are looking into supporting this feature in the future via a firmware update. Firmware updates can be found here: http://eshop.macsales.com/tech_center/OWC/SSD.
    • 4 x 10.0TB* SageMicro® Black Series Solid State Drives**

    • *1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes. Total accessible capacity varies depending upon operating environment (typically 5-10% less). The actual total capacity will depend on your own defined file settings/preferences.

      **OWC reserves the right to replace or upgrade to equivalent or better components.

    Port Configuration

    • Thunderbolt – (2) Thunderbolt 2 ports


    • Comes pre-formatted for SoftRAID and configured as a RAID 4 volume.*
    • *If utilizing on a Mac with OS X 10.8.5 or earlier, the SoftRAID software must be installed prior.

    Max Data Transfer Rate

    • Thunderbolt 2 – 20Gb/sec

    Port/Interface Bootability

    • It can be used as a Thunderbolt startup drive on Macs running Mac OS X.

    System Requirements

    • Any Mac with a Thunderbolt port running OS X 10.9 or later.
    • Boot Camp is not supported. The Thunderbolt certification process does not include Macs running Windows through Boot Camp.

    Software Included

    Power Supply

    • UL Listed U.S./International Auto Switching 100 ~ 240v, 50/60Hz input, 12 Volt 6.0 Amp output Power Supply (power cords for International use sold separately).

    External Case Dimensions

    • 7.6"(D) x 3.8"(W) x 4.6"(H)
    • 19.3cm x 9.6cm x 11.6cm

    Enclosure Weight (no accessories)

    • Approximately 2.4 pounds (1.1kg)

    Product Manual

    Operating Environment:


    • (operating) 5°C – 42°C (41°F – 107°F)
    • (non-operating) -40°C – 65°C (-40°F – 149°F)

    Relative Humidity

    • (operating) 8% – 90% RH (Non-condensing)
    • (non-operating) 5% – 95% RH (Non-condensing)


    • 65G 2mS; (non-operating) 175G 2mS


    • (operating) 1.0G (5 – 300Hz)
    • (non-operating) 5.0G (5 – 500Hz)


    Includes OWC's award-winning U.S. based support for both the ThunderBay 4 drive and SoftRAID software.


    3 Year OWC Solution Limited Warranty

    The best warranty is one you never have to use, but should the need occur – OWC is proud to provide a superior level of support and warranty coverage to our customers. Even when not used, we understand the peace of mind afforded by a longer warranty period. OWC's industry leading coverage is a testament to our confidence in the reliability of the solutions that we offer. OWC solutions are engineered to demanding quality standards in order to deliver the most reliable, highest performance available on the market in each storage category.

    View more information about the 3 Year OWC Solution Limited Warranty

    Note: Do not disassemble or otherwise open your OWC solution prior to the conclusion of the 3 Year OWC Solution Limited Warranty period. Doing so will void the remainder of the OWC warranty.

    Manufacturer provided specifications for Other World Computing p/n TB4MSRSSD40T


    SoftRAID 5 for ThunderBay
    OWC has partnered with SoftRAID to bring software RAID 5 to the Mac. SoftRAID combines advanced RAID modes, fast performance, monitoring, e-mail notification, and fast rebuild capabilities that only software RAID can deliver. ThunderBay 4 models with drives come preconfigured in RAID 5, and are plug and play ready with OS X 10.9 or later. Advanced features such as drive notification and monitoring require SoftRAID installation.

    Prosoft Macworld 4.5 miceMacworld
    Prosoft Engineering® Data Backup 3 for Mac OS X v10.2.8 or later
    Backup Made Easy. Data Backup makes it easy to backup to FireWire and USB drives, network drives, CDs and even DVDs. Make schedules so you don't need to 'think' about backing up... It does it for you.
    A $59.00 Value! View detailed software info, or click here to purchase software separately from solution
    Intech SpeedTools Utilities
    Intech® SpeedTools Utilities™
    Intech SpeedTools consists of a suite of utilities managed by an application which controls the launching, documentation and version control of each individual component utility, such as Disk Defrag and QuickBack. An easy-to-use installation and removal application is provided to make installation a snap, yet powerful enough to allow you to customize which utility component set you would like to create.
    An $89.95 Value! View detailed software info, or click here to purchase software separately from solution


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