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Padded Spaces

Nighttime Portable Device Pocket

Where Gadgets Go to Sleep
Rest and recharge
iBedside is a tidy nighttime pocket that keeps gadgets within reach and ready to recharge while you rest. Since there's no obvious place to store your gadgets when you're ready to go to bed, iBedside helps keep your devices on your bedside within easy reach. iBedside includes two side openings to string cords into discreetly and two stretchy loops to hold cords in-place. Thunderbolt, USB, MagSafe power cord; all cables are welcome.
One for all
iBedside is the one container for all your devices; iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and more all have a home in iBedside. iBedside features two full-size interior pockets, one full-size exterior pocket, a magnetic fold-out shelf, breathable fabric and open air ventilation, and can hold up to 7.5lbs of devices on most beds1. Installation is simple, as it slips between your mattress and is ready to go. iBedside will keep your room tidy and hold your devices in one convenient spot until you wake up the next day.

Product Specifications:

Padded Spaces Part Number



  • Two full-size interior pockets
  • One full-size exterior pocket
  • Magnetic fold-out shelf
  • Two cord openings and stretchy cord loops
  • Holds up to 7.5 lb of devices on most beds1


  • Natural wool, rayon, foam core, plastic, silicone


  • Phones – Apple iPhone, Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, Nokia Lumia
  • Tablets – Apple iPad (1,2,3,4), Apple iPad Air, Apple iPad mini, Amazon Kindle (Fire, E-reader), Google Nexus (7, 10)
  • Laptops – Apple MacBook Air (11" & 13"), Apple MacBook Pro (13"), Apple MacBook Pro Retina (13"), Google Chromebook (11" & 13"), Microsoft Surface (RT, 2, Pro)
  • Gadgets – Remote controls, Bluetooth, Headphones
  • Personal – Glasses, Lip balm, Ear plugs
  • Media – Magazines, Books, Notebooks


  • Black/Gray


  • 3.5" x 12.75" x 14.0" (8.9 x 32.4 x 35.6 cm)


  • 14oz (397g)


  1. Beds, frames, box springs, bedding, and other factors impact how much iBedside can safely hold.
Manufacturer provided specifications for Padded Spaces p/n IBEDSIDE-BLKGRY UPC#: 700621265245




  • iBedside - black/gray

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Reviewer: Anonymous Location: Frisco, TX Experience Level: Power User Owned Product: 1-3 months
Rating: 4/5 Very good, but don't make it too heavy January 11, 2016 Very good for iPad and iPhone and stuff less than 2 lbs. A Macbook Pro tends to pull it down to the floor. The part that goes under the mattress is long enough to stay in when stretched down.

The little shelf is also a nice addition at the top.

I would recommend this item to a friend!

Padded Spaces iBedside Nighttime Portable Device Pocket Mfr P/N: IBEDSIDE-BLKGRY OWC SKU: PADIBEDSIDEBG Tidy nighttime pocket that keeps gadgets within reach and ready to recharge while you rest. 30 Day OWC Fulfilled Limited Warranty
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