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Tablet Belt Clip
and Security Cable

iPad / Tablet
The Tablet Belt Clip is the first and only product of it's kind. It will allow you to lock and carry any standard device on the side of your hip, and then access it within one second when needed. Simply bond the Mounting Plate and Tether Plate onto the back of the device case (**Case Not Included — Attaches to Your Case**), then, insert the Buckle attachment. When you are ready to wear it, simply attach the hip pad onto your belt, and clip the safety cord to the tether plate.

Please note: Larger devices like the Surface or iPad Pro 12.7" are not compatible as they are much heavier.
  • Buckle Mechanism locks tablet to hip when not in use.
  • Quick-Press release button allows instant access to tablet in less than 1 second.
  • Security Cord [included] prevents dropping to avoid costly delays in repair.
  • Reduces the probability of loss and theft.
  • Perfect for jobs that require two hands by freeing up an "additional hand".
  • Product Specifications:

    RUNNUR Part Number

    • TBC-U


    • Tablets up to 9.7"


    • Black
    Manufacturer provided specifications for RUNNUR p/n TBC-U



    RUNNUR Tablet Belt Clip and Security Cable Mfr P/N: TBC-U OWC SKU: RUNTBCUKIT Allows you to easily carry a table on your belt like any other tool RUNNUR 1 Year Limited Warranty
    Sold Out