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RainDesign iGo (Standing Model)

For flat panel iMac 24" or Apple Thunderbolt Display

The iGo Standing model is taller and comes with solid steel base and polished chrome finish, perfect for store display, showroom and salons. This model is made for the Apple iMac 24" model. The iGo has a turnable that allows the iMac to be swiveled 360 degrees for easy access to the ports at the back of the iMac. It also the standard features like 2 coffee cup holders.

Besides the iMac 24", this model is also compatible with older versions iMac G4, G5 and 20" Intel Core Duo.

Now you can work and play where you want. The iGo desk is designed to fully integrate with your iMac G4 or G5 so you don't have to compromise on the aesthetics of your environment. Ever ready to swirl and squeeze into any space, it allows you to work according to your moods. Even in the dark. Be inspired by the May rain next to the window or get uplifted by birds' chirpings at the balcony as you dream up your next project. Or feel proud displaying product slideshows in your showroom.




Product Specifications


  • 7 watt energy saving lamp
  • Cable management compartment
  • Adjustable keyboard panel with speaker holders
  • Gel wrist rest
  • Mouse pad (includes both left and right hand versions)
  • Solid steel bases

Packaging Size

  • 47 1/4" x 18" x 7"
  • 120 cm x 45.5cm x 18cm
  • (L x W x H)

Gross Weight

  • 66 lbs / 30 kgs

Net Weight

  • 61.6 lbs / 28 kgs


  • Rain Design provides a one (1) Year Warranty against manufacturer's defect and workmanship. Should there be any defect, Rain Design, Inc. would either repair or replace the product at its sole discretion.
  • The warranty does not apply to damages caused by accident, abuse, misuse, misapplication, wear and tear, or acts of God. Rain Design, Inc. is not responsible for direct, special, incidental or consequential damages.


Manufacturer provided specifications for Rain Design p/n 12004 UPC#: 891607000049



Working Comfortably

  • Take advantage of iGo mobility to reduce eyestrain by moving to more comfortable lighting positions in your room.
  • Adjust the height of your screen, keyboard, and chair to suit your physique and working style.
  • Set iGo keyboard panel height and depth accordingly - your keyboard is too high if your shoulders are up, arms forward, or wrists bent.
  • Use the iGo gel wrist rest for additional comfort.
  • You should also turn on the iGo lamp when working in the dark.
RainDesign iGo Standing Model Mfr P/N: 12004 OWC SKU: RAI12004 For flat panel iMac 24" or Apple Thunderbolt Display

Rain Design 1 Year Limited Warranty Ships: 24-48 hrs only $519.00
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Additional Configurations:
  • Sitting
    • Ships: 24-48 hrs
    • $349.00
  • Standing