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MacCuff Mini

Elegant Mounting Solution
Move your Mac mini off the desktop! Sonnet's MacCuff™ mini mounting and security systems free up desk space by securing your computer to the back of an LCD display (or mounting it under a desk or shelf) while allowing full access to its ports, slots, and power switch.
How do you mount a computer to the back of a monitor?
VESA mounting holes on the back of many LCD displays provide an ideal spot to attach MacCuff mini. Attached securely on the back of a display, your Mac mini disappears, leaving only cables to hide. To simplify that task, Sonnet supplies a special 35 cm-short monitor cable, and MacCuff mini also provides simple cable management to help cut the clutter. Two models MacCuff models are available; MacCuff mini for Mac mini and Mac mini server (Mid 2010 through 2014, aluminum unibody design), and MacCuff mini for previous Mac mini models.
Your Mac mini slides in easily, but is held in place securely
Whether it's secured on the back of your display, or tucked away under your desk, MacCuff mini brings elegant minimalism to your Mac mini.

Constructed of rugged steel, MacCuff mini delivers a light touch-its refined double powder-coated finish won't scuff or scratch your Mac mini. The included locking bar provides theft deterrence when used properly. MacCuff mini's design leaves WiFi and Bluetooth antennas uncovered to ensure normal operations, so you don't need to worry about your computer's wireless performance.
What about installation?
Talk about simple- Sonnet provides the necessary hardware, and easy to follow instructions in case you actually need them. For back-of-monitor mounting, just use the four supplied machine screws to secure MacCuff mini. For under-desk mounting, simply tape the included drill hole guide to the surface, drill pilot holes, and then secure MacCuff mini using the four supplied wood screws.

Product Specifications

Manufacturer Part Number



  • 7.9 x 8.3 x 1.6 in.
    (20.1 x 21 x 3.9 cm)

Lock Shackle Maximum Diameter

  • 9/32" (7 mm)


  • The locking bar included with CUFF-MIN-LH is intended for use as a theft deterrent and will provide added security ONLY when used with a lock.



  • MacCuff mini bracket
  • Locking bar
  • 35 cm (14") HDMI to DVI-D cable
  • 4 wood screws
  • 4 machine screws
  • 2 cable ties
  • Documentation with drill template


This product is compatible with... Learn how to find your Mac's model ID
Mac mini Intel
Mac mini (Late 2014)
(October, 2014)
Model ID: Macmini7,1
1.4GHz, 2.6GHz, 2.8GHz, 3.0GHz
Mac mini Intel
Mac mini (Late 2012 Server)
(October, 2012)
Model ID: Macmini6,2
2.3GHz, 2.6GHz
Mac mini Intel
Mac mini (Late 2012)
(October, 2012)
Model ID: Macmini6,1 & Macmini6,2
2.3GHz, 2.5GHz, 2.6GHz
Mac mini Intel
Mac mini (Mid 2011 Server)
(July, 2011)
Model ID: Macmini5,3
Mac mini Intel
Mac mini (Mid 2011)
(July, 2011)
Model ID: Macmini5,1 & Macmini5,2
2.3GHz, 2.5GHz, 2.7GHz
Mac mini Intel
Mac mini (Mid 2010 Server)
(June, 2010)
Model ID: Macmini4,1
Mac mini Intel
Mac mini (Mid 2010)
(June, 2010)
Model ID: Macmini4,1
2.4GHz, 2.66GHz
Sonnet MacCuff Mini Mounting and Security Systems Mfr P/N: CUFF-MIN-LH OWC SKU: STICUFFMINLH Mounting bracket/Kit for Mac Mini 2010 - 2014 models. Move your mini off your desk with this sturdy bracket. Attach to the back of a LCD, or under a desk or table. Sonnet Technologies 1 Year Limited Warranty Ships: Same Day Only $69.95OWC Price $57.99
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