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Twelve South

Desktop Stand for MacBook

Elevate your Mac
Raising the bar for MacBook stands
You use the most attractive laptop in the world, so why wouldn't you pair it with the most beautiful stand? With MacBook accessories, design matters. When you use beautiful tools, the work you do also improves. That's why you use a Mac, and that's why you should place Curve underneath it.

Curve is an elegant, flowing aluminum stand that complements the design of your MacBook. With its beautiful matte black finish and improved ergonomic design, it is the ultimate partnership of style and functionality. Use your MacBook on Curve to create a more comfortable desktop with your favorite external keyboard and mouse, or use the combo with an external display to create the perfect dual-screen setup. When it's time to go mobile, unplug and roll out leaving a modern sculpture behind.
Why use a MacBook stand?
Parking your MacBook on a desktop stand isn't just about elevating it to a better viewing height, it's about performance. Allow your MacBook to breathe while it pulls the heavy load, while also having the ability to use a full set up. Add in an external monitor and you have an ergonomic command center to get stuff done — editing a Kickstarter video, building a Keynote show or running your freelance business. For long stretches on your MacBook, Curve helps you get it comfortably done.
You upgrade your Mac. Why not your stand?
Are you still setting your lightweight MacBook on a clunky stand meant for a 7-pound Apple PowerBook? Replace it with Curve, a simple, elegant stand made for the latest and greatest MacBooks. Curve has two slender arms that allow maximum airflow and easily support today's ultra light MacBooks. Curve lets you freely open and close your MacBook without the hinge getting hung up like it does on flat, old stands. Isn't it time to own a stand that complements your Mac's amazing design?
Inspired by Classic Design
As with every Twelve South product, art and architecture have a big influence on our design process. It's easy to see the smooth, circular bends of Curve draw inspiration from classic elements of architectural masterpieces like the Guggenheim and the Colosseum in Rome. The modern update pays tribute to the new Apple Park. With its matte black finish, Curve looks amazing with Space Gray MacBooks because it complements, not copies, the MacBook color palette.
Get comfortable with your MacBook
Long hours hunched over your MacBook can be a pain in the neck, literally. Curve relieves that pain by elevating your MacBook screen an ergnomic standard 6.5 inches off your desk. When you sit up straight and look directly at your screen, you'll feel less tension in your neck and shoulders, allowing the ideas to flow out of you. The way it should be.

Product Specifications:

Twelve South Part Number

  • 12-1708


  • Matte Black


  • Aluminum


  • Height: 149 mm (5.8 in)
  • Width: 263 mm (10.3 in)
  • Length: 222 mm (8.7 in)


  • 650 g (1.4 lbs)
Manufacturer provided specifications for Twelve South p/n 12-1708 UPC#: 811370021607



Twelve South Curve Desktop Stand for MacBook Mfr P/N: 12-1708 OWC SKU: TWL121708 An elegant, flowing aluminum stand that complements the design of your MacBook Twelve South 1 Year Limited Warranty Ships: 5 Days only $49.99
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