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We recommend Hippih Foldable, Wireless, Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Keyboard (Mfr P/N: FDHKW-BT) from HiPPiH for $10.75 as a suitable alternative.

iKeyboard, Inc.

TacType Keyboard White

Transform Your iPad™ Keyboard
The TacType Keyboard (formerly iKeyboard) solves the one problem with a tablet computer-the impossibility of touch-typing on its virtual keyboard. You can't touch-type because a virtual keyboard (which is just an image on the tablet's touch-screen) deprives you of the positioning cues and tactile feedback provided by a "real," or physical, keyboard.

A touch-screen is super-sensitive, so it's impossible for you to lightly rest your fingers on the virtual keys without typing the characters. And because the keys themselves are just images, you can't know by feel alone where your fingers are on the keyboard.

Instead, you must suspend your fingers over the screen and must keep your eyes on the virtual keyboard-at all times-to know where to type. The only kind of typing you can do is the two-fingered, hunt-and-peck variety. This kind of typing requires your brain's exclusive attention.
Free Your Head
Touch-typing-the ability to hit the keys you want without looking at the keyboard-increases typing speed and therefore is vital for productivity. Even more important, touch-typing frees up your brain to focus on other tasks besides finding the next key to type.

Touch-typing uses the part of the brain where "muscle memory" is stored. Muscle memory enables an action to become automatic. Touch-typing is like riding a bicycle, or playing a musical instrument, or just walking. And, as in walking and riding a bicycle, the thinking part of your brain remains free to take in information and to think.

Hunt-and-peck typing, however, "hijacks" the thinking part of your brain, making it unavailable for more important tasks. Your brain is monopolized by having to ask and answer a series of questions and issue a series of instructions: "Where is the 'W'? Touch that spot." "Where is the 'H'? Touch that spot." Imagine sitting in a classroom or business meeting trying to take notes on a virtual keyboard. You have to keep your eyes on the keyboard and think about hitting the right virtual keys, so you're going to miss most of what the speaker is saying.

By making real touch-typing possible on a tablet computer, the iKeyboard sets the thinking part of your brain free. Free to listen, free to learn, and free to think.

Product Specifications:

iKeyboard Part Number

  • iKeyboard (White)


  • 8.75" x 3.1" x 0.2" (22.2 x 7.9 x 0.5 cm)


  • 0.03 lbs. (13.8 g)
Manufacturer provided specifications for iKeyboard p/n iKeyboard (white) UPC#: 713757312509


This product is compatible with...
iPad 1st Generation
(January, 2010)
Model ID: A1219, A1337
16GB, 32GB, 64GB
iPad 2
iPad 2nd Generation
(March, 2011)
Model ID: iPad2,1; iPad2,2; iPad2,3; iPad2,4
16GB, 32GB, 64GB
iPad 3rd Generation
iPad 3rd Generation
(March, 2012)
Model ID: iPad3,1; iPad3,2; iPad3,3
16GB, 32GB, 64GB
iPad 3rd Generation
iPad 4th Generation
(October, 2012)
Model ID: iPad3,4; iPad3,5; iPad3,6
16GB, 32GB, 64GB
iKeyboard, Inc. TacType Keyboard White Mfr P/N: iKeyboard (white) OWC SKU: IKEYBOARDWHT Turn your iPad's virtual keyboard into a tactile keyboard for touch-typing accuracy. 90 Day OWC Fulfilled Limited Warranty
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