Healing your Gut & the Space Revolution with Naveen Jain

“When you cross the bridge, you need to burn the bridge because there is no going back. As long at the bridge is intact you will always have the tendency to go back. There is nothing to go back to, keep going forward.”

Naveen Jain 

Billionaire and renowned entrepreneur, Naveen Jain (@naveenjainceo) is driven to solving the world’s biggest challenges through innovations, dreaming big, and disruptions. He is the founder of Moon Express, World Innovation Institute, Viome, Intelius, InfoSpace, TalentWise, and iNome to name a few. Can we make chronic illness an option? Is living on the moon a near possibility? Moon Express might be the most exciting and well-known project Naveen created where he believes we are heading towards becoming a multi-planetary society. Before we venture into space, we need to strengthen and heal ourselves. Naveen’s obsession for helping people heal from inside out is his true driving force called, Viome. He founded his wellness company in hopes that chronic disease and illness would become optional and merely a choice. His drive to pave new roads in health, space, and mindsets is truly inspiring.

Naveen Jain

Naveen shares in this episode how he believes that we all have the power to fundamentally change our lives, make our lives successful and to do so he always asks himself personally a three-step process: why this, why now and why me? Naveen dives into the depths of limitations of the human mind. If you think of problems in the same way as others, then you will solve it the same way and you become the commodity. What is the question you are asking that is different than everyone else? Asking the right questions without having the right answer. Naveen explains that entrepreneurs do not start companies, they solve problems. 

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