How to Train Your Dog, Behind the Scenes of Live PD, and Why K9s Do What They Do

James Craigmyle

Many people have adopted dogs during the pandemic. Training your K9 may not be in your wheelhouse, nor may you have the time. That is why I am bringing you the help we all may need… lord knows my two dogs… Rebel and Gunsmoke have found themselves in the doghouse lately because it’s been hard to carve out time so we can all learn together. We are just starting to discover all the gifts and abilities of our furry friends. Humans are working with dogs on a grander scale than ever.

Dogs are used for healing, for crime detection, cancer detection, therapy, search and rescue, human recovery, detecting bombs, they are service dogs and more. On this episode of OWC’s Leaders & GameChangers, Setorii speaks with Deputy James Craigmyle, an actor and a leader in the dog training industry specializing in a modern approach and has trained hundreds of dogs of all sizes. You may have seen him on LIVE PD, and he has also worked with America’s Top Dog on A&E. I hope you will join us as we explore how to make our dogs listen, behave, and respond. 

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