We live in a world of efficiency, immediate gratification, and constant stimulations. We also live in a time where time itself feels scarce and because of it everything needs to be quicker but is quicker better?

When we think of quality, what comes to mind? Do you think about artisan products, where companies or individuals creating them give their time graciously to create them? From the food that we eat, from the packaging we choose, from the pesticides we use, from the planet many of us are trying to heal… by correcting the damage both efficiency and industrialization has caused, can we reverse climate change? Is healing our planet something that will cost trillions or zillions of dollars? Will we see it in our lifetime and is it possible? Thanks to my guest on today’s episode of OWC’s Leaders & GameChangers, I have never felt more certain it is and it is a solution that is simpler then we could imagine.

I’d like to ask you to now think about the source of where things begin. Where does our food come from? What have we not thought about looking at? It’s time we look down. Farmers love to use it and dogs love to play on it. We walk on it every day. What is it? Soil. Ryland Engelhard is the Co-Founder & Executive Director of Kiss The Ground and he has been championing and sharing how fixing our soil will reverse climate change, make our nutrients in our foods better, make land quality thrive, help animals live better by letting nature do what it naturally was created to do.

Ryland and the Kiss The Ground team created the inspiring Kiss The Ground documentary which was narrated by actor Woody Harrelson and directed by Joshua Tickell and Rebecca Harrell Tickell. The optimistic and eye opening climate documentary featured Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady, Jason Mraz, Ian Somerhalder, Rosario Dawson, David Arquette, Patricia Arquette, and others trying to help bring awareness to this powerful and yet attainable solution. Notable names support the KTG film and movement like Adrian Grenier, Jason Alexander, Frances Fisher, Amy Smart, John Paul DeJoria, Corey Feldman and more. The film explains how pesticides and tilling have harmed our soil which effect the entire eco-system. They help us learn that there is a healing power in the soil itself and if we help our dirt and the microbiomes living in it, we can help our planet rebuild itself. By strengthening the quality of our soil, our produce will be filled with better nutrients and will ultimately help all life forms on earth.

Ryland and his team did not stop with the Kiss The Ground documentary, they have continued to lead a campaign to help raise awareness through working with farmers, brands, individuals and children. Kiss The Ground and Ryland have brought awareness to these inspiring solutions through a book, a Ted Talk, educational videos, a podcast, and too many to list campaigns. In May 2021 the Kiss The Ground team also created A New (Re)Generation and in May of 2022 they created the documentary Regenerate America which is a film that has been an unprecedented grassroots campaign to help raise awareness and ensure support for regenerative agriculture in the 2023 Farm Bill and beyond. You can learn more and get involved at

Ryland has filled his life with a mission to share great food that elevates oneself as the co-founder of Setorii’s favorite restaurants in Los Angeles California called Cafe Gratitude where they uplift others through spreading gratitude and words of affirmations and also Gracias Madre. He is also on a mission to help heal our planet through the help of our animals, plants, soil, food production methods, microbiology and education. Let’s discover how we can all help restore our planet and help share this inspiring and important journey.

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