Quinton Aaron on Acting, Motivational Speaking, and Why “The Blind Side” Stole Our Hearts

On this episode of OWC’s Leaders & GameChangers, Setorii speaks with Quinton Aaron, star of The Blind Side. We all easily fell in love with him in his portrayal of Michael Oher, as he captured the hearts of everyone across the world. For people that know Quinton, time is never wasted as he fills his journey with acting in films and television shows, singing, and public speaking. He has a heart that is larger than life and his passion to impact as many people as possible is felt even before you get to hug him in person.

Quinton shares some heartfelt thoughts and feelings on this episode. “I have been through so much in my life,” he says, “but I keep a smile on my face because I am still here. I have learned to let the positives be more magnetizing and more magnifying than the negatives. I don’t focus on the negatives. Ok, it happened. But how am I going to move forward? The positives I am appreciative of and grateful for. The negatives I learn from, and I apply forward.”

Quinton Aaron in The Blind Side
Scene from “The Blind Side.” (c) Alcon Entertainment

The life experiences I have were not just for me, they were for me to talk about so [people] can understand they are not alone. None of us are alone in our struggles.

Quinton Aaron

The Power of ARt

A good movie can take us into different walks of life. They can entertain, they can educate, they can inspire us in countless ways. Films can make us compassionate. The power of audiovisuals can fuel us towards faith and humanity. Romantic movies remind us that love can be truly magical. Action Films produce adrenalin. No matter what the film is about, without the right cast and the true passion they put into their characters… authenticity is key for the impact we feel when watching.

Music can impact people beyond the melody or words. The right song at the right time can help fuel us, heighten our emotions, and pull a unifying bond out that complete strangers can feel and experience together through the hint of one melody.

In this episode of Leaders and Game Changers, you will feel and better understand the power of art.

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