Americans eat more ice cream than anywhere else in the world. Ice cream is not only a summertime essential, Ice cream is a treat loved by the world. Hollywood has glamorized ice cream in films like, Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn – The muppet movie with Bob Hope, Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction, The Notebook, The Shining… are just a few films which showcased this familiar guilty pleasure.

The origins of ice cream are thought to date back to the Roman Empire. Traditional ice cream and gelatos are made with animal products such as milk and cream, which gets its dense and addictive richness from the fats found in dairy but look how far we have come today with all the flavors and options to choose from!

Many people have not been able to enjoy ice cream through the years due to their dietary restrictions, allergies and diets. Since 2005, NadaMoo! was ahead of the times and a leader in the plant based dessert market. The founder of NadaMOO! was Amy Ramm and she created a new segment in the market by giving people an alternative option for a new kind of creamy ice cream base without the moo we are used to expecting. Amy wanted to make a better version of a healthy ice cream and thanks to a fateful tasting with her friend Matt, who was one of the owners of Juiceland on Barton Springs Road in Austin, he insisted on selling it and it gained momentum quickly by catching the attention of Whole Foods and the rest is history.

On this episode of Leaders & GameChangers, Setorii will speak with the man that has helped change a dessert industry. Daniel Nicholson was so inspired what what he tasted and saw, he joined the NadaMoo! team and swiftly after joining he set out to help continue to develop and create different flavors with their team and the market loved them. Daniel is the President and CEO of NadaMOO! and he, his family and the NadaMOO! team have steered their company towards continued growing success thanks to their passions for the brand, devotion to making things better and while also making sustainably smart choices to help the environment. They are a certified B corp business and

People fell in love with the coconut based ice cream options NadaMoo! has continued to create and deliver. Their dairy free alternative flavors are even more delicious today, if that is possible and you can learn more about their flavors here. The global dairy alternatives market size was valued at around USD 23.2 billion in 2021 and it is the coconut plant-based ingredient which helps provide the creaminess we have all grown to love from dairy without the side effects dairy can have on our bodies. Existing capital partners, District Ventures Capital, InvestEco, and new partner Killam Investments believed in the continuing success of NadaMOO!’s journey so much they smartly invested a raise of nearly $10M in 2021 which shows us all how many are cheering on this family operated and Austin based company.

In the interview, Setorii shared some of her ideas with Daniel to help create even more visibility in different food category verticals like the pet market and dessert toppings market – so without giving the secret sauce away, Daniel and Setorii celebrated that they are aligned in what they both see for some of the future innovations NadaMOO! plans to expand into.

With a range of evolving flavors, a knack for listening to customers ideas and flavor suggestions — NadaMoo! has been on a mission to make the world happier and healthier, one scoop at a time and they are worth every bite. If you would like to follow NadaMOO! on their journey you can go to: or you can follow them on instagram at or their twitter at

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