What It’s Like to Photograph a President With David Valdez

“You always want to exceed the guest’s experience, client’s expectations and take it a step further.” ~David Valdez

Presidential photographer, the man responsible for helping Disney move from film photography to Digital, Vice President for business development for Blue Pixel working with Nikon and Microsoft with many more titles and achievements amassed. Through the years, David Valdez (@davidvaldezusa) has become a respected talent who captured some of the most important moments in history and helped preserve the stories that will last lifetimes.

What was it like to photograph Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Princess Diana, Presidents and prime ministers from around the world, the Queen of England, and a President as he hang-glided? What was it like to have a US Postage Stamp with one of your photos? What was it like to be thrown out of Buckingham Palace?

David Valdez has undoubtedly lived an adventurous life thus far. When it comes to success, David explains that real success is giving back and sharing with people to help make somebody else successful. “It’s not so much about me, but what I can do for others”. Valdez dives deep into the stories behind his journeys.

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