“The Film Crew” and Other Viral Videos, How to Overcome Playing It Safe & How to Celebrate Your Creativeness

Aimee La Joie

I would absolutely love to be part of Saturday Night Live. They get to do something new every week. Every week they have new characters, it’s fresh every week and they have new hosts coming in. 

– Aimee La Joie

Acting and comedy have a way of moving us. It pulls us in, it captivates, it can bring us joy, laughter, it can make us feel lost in the moment and part of the story. If an actor has the right mixture of talent, they can add life to the story in a way that we could never have imagined.

In this episode of OWC’s Leaders & GameChangers, Setorii speaks with Aimee La Joie about how she has found a way to mesh comedy, acting, and all of her characters together to bring smiles and relatability to all her fans and admirers. Her videos have gone viral and she creates so much content she appears to never sleep. She finds new ways to breathe more life and fun into our phones, tablets, and computers. She acts, writes, directs, hosts book clubs, and much more. If you are looking for your next favorite actress to keep an eye on… Aimee is one of mine. 

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