When we think of culinary experiences, many of us think of a great tasting meal. In a world of perfected turnkey menus, to be able to get what you expect is nice but being able to experience omakase from a chef that puts his heart, soul, pain and passion into every bite, is an unmatchable experience. 

While so many restaurateurs are primarily and understandably focused on the income generated at the end of each night, Setorii experienced intriguing and decadent culinary experiences that left all the guests during each evening not only craving more but fascinated by the chef who makes these mouthwatering bites of heaven at Tsuke Edomae. Setorii shared, “he incorporates music into his evening, weaving every piece he creates through the air so we can all watch wondrously as he coddles every couture-like slice of hand selected pairings together to ensure he fills each presentation with strength, delicacy, intent and soul”. 

His authenticity and ability to awaken tastebuds that you didn’t know existed, would explain why his wait list to obtain a golden ticket to experience his culinary expertise has people excitedly waiting 9 months to get a reservation. On this episode of OWC’s Leaders & GameChangers, Setorii speaks with Chef Michael Che, who introduces himself to guests as Chef Mike and he is a hidden secret in Austin, Texas that deserves to be discovered. 

On this episode we will learn about the journey of entrepreneurship, the passion and trials we all experience when we follow our dreams and what it takes to be a successful chef carving one’s legacy. Chef Mike is redefining the art of the dining experience through his subtle and yet immersive storytelling. It is an honor and a pleasure to have Chef Mike on this episode of Leaders & GameChangers. If you would like to make a reservation and Setorii recommends joining Chef Mike’s wait list since openings do happen – you can click here and if you follow Tsuke Edomae’s instagram page they announce when there are new reservations which are announced. If you love sushi, date night, are a foodie, love music, are intrigued by experiential dining and are in Austin – Setorii and too many others highly recommend Chef Mike’s Tsuke Edomae.


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