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OWC SSD Upgrades for MacBook Air 2011

8x more capacity than the original drive

2.3x faster than the original drive

Reuse factory drive with Envoy USB 3.0 external

The OWC SSD Advantage

  • Engineered for Mac – no extra software or hacks needed!
  • Maintains peak performance, won't slow down with use.
  • Lab tested for compatibility, speed, and reliability.
  • Step-by-step install videos.
  • 24/7 award-winning technical support.
  • Up to 5 year warranty.
For 11" and 13" MacBook Air models with Model ID: MacBookAir4,1 + MacBookAir4,2

Aura 6G SSD by OWC

120GB $86.99 SSD $109.99 SSD + Envoy + Tools 240GB $149.75 SSD $174.75 SSD + Envoy + Tools 480GB $278.75 SSD $299.75 SSD + Envoy + Tools 1.0TB $494.99 SSD $497.99 SSD + Envoy + Tools
High-speed, personal,
home office, gaming
Fast High-speed production(audio, film, photo, graphic) Professional Performance 555MB/s read
530MB/s write
Peak Data Rate 555MB/s read
532MB/s write
470MB/s read
198MB/s write
Photoshop, Final Cut, etc.
(compressed data rates)
477MB/s read
272MB/s write
Engineered for MacNo extra software or hacks needed! 3 Year Limited Warranty 5 Year Limited

Aura Pro 6G SSD by OWC

240GB $99.00 SSD $129.00 SSD + Envoy + Tools 480GB $104.99 SSD $129.75 SSD + Envoy + Tools

3 Steps to an Upgraded Air

Install the OWC SSD 1. Install Install the OWC SSD into your MacBook Air, and the original SSD into the Envoy. Transfer your data to your new OWC SSD 2. Transfer + Migrate Transfer your data and migrate to your new OWC SSD upgrade. Enjoy your new SSD 3. Enjoy Enjoy the benefit of a higher capacity / faster drive, plus a sleek and fast new external drive with the OWC Envoy.
Macworld Best of Show 2011
Best of Show 2011 – Macworld
MacLife Award Winner 2011
Award Winner 2011 Mac Hardware – MacLife Best of Macworld 2011
Best of Macworld 2011 –
Stevies Finalist
Stevies Award Finalist 2011 – The American Business Awards
2012 Storage Visions Visionary Award Finalist
2012 Storage Visions Visionary
Award Finalist