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OWC ThunderBay 4 mini UP TO 991 MB/s RAID 5
UP TO 1346 MB/s RAID 0

OWC Thunderbay 4 mini

Dual Thunderbolt 2 | RAID 5 | 4 Drive Bays | 4K Display Support Big Performance. Small Footprint.
  • Four 2.5" drive bays, perfect for SSDs
  • Breathtaking Thunderbolt 2 performance
  • User configurable in RAID 0, 1, 4, 5 & 1+0
  • Near-silent operation
  • Up to 40TB of SSD storage (HDD up to 8TB)
  • Pre-tested with a rigorous multi-hour drive "burn-in"
ThunderBay 4 mini External Hard Drive Enclosure Profile Bays ThunderBay 4 mini External Hard Drive Enclosure Left ThunderBay 4 mini External Hard Drive Enclosure Right ThunderBay 4 mini External Hard Drive Enclosure Front ThunderBay 4 mini External Hard Drive Enclosure Profile Back
Add your own drives Dual Thunderbolt 2 | SoftRAID 5
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Good things come in small packages. Audio, Video, Photography, Backup The all-new ThunderBay 4 mini is designed specifically for 2.5" drives and engineered to harness the incredible performance of SSDs. Take the brakes off your creativity with an external drive that supports multi-stream compressed 4K video and other bandwidth-intensive workflows.

Add SSDs, spinning drives, or both to match your performance needs. Use each drive independently, or in the RAID configuration of your choice for the optimal balance of performance and data-redundancy.

Get the most out of your storage and do more with a ThunderBay 4 mini.
Thinking Outside the Enclosure OWC unlocks the incredible performance and flexibility of ThunderBay by pairing the drives with a robust software RAID solution. Powered by the SoftRAID engine, ThunderBay 4 mini RAID 5 Edition delivers advanced RAID modes, real-time health monitoring with email notifications, and best-in-class rebuild speeds.

Unlike traditional software RAID solutions, SoftRAID's revolutionary volume optimization allows you to quickly configure your drive for specific workflows. Now, you can experience the absolute best performance whether recording audio, editing 4K video, or creating a multimedia server.

Flexible and Robust Take full advantage of the flexibility offered by ThunderBay 4 mini and SoftRAID. Easily build and reconfigure complex RAID arrays, or connect multiple ThunderBays to create even larger RAIDs with up to 16 drives for optimal performance and redundancy. Now, users can enjoy robust RAID options with near enterprise-grade storage and performance for a fraction of the cost.

Certified and tested. Each ThunderBay undergoes OWC's regimented multi-hour drive "burn-in"
to ensure you experience the amazing performance of your drive right out the box.
ThunderBay 4 mini
4 drive bays plus so much more. Time-Tested Cooling Cool + Whisper Quiet A durable, heat-dissipating, aluminum unibody shell features a "flow-thru" vented design coupled with a 60 mm whisper-quiet fan. 4K Display Support 4K Display Support Dual Thunderbolt 2 ports let you connect any display that your computer can support, including 4K displays. ThunderBay 4 mini Vibration Dampened Vibration Dampened ThunderBay's drive isolating design reduces sonic resonance, and is aided by rugged, vibration-absorbing, non-skid feet. Flexible Expansion Flexible Expansion Daisy-chain up to six ThunderBays on a single Thunderbolt port for expansive storage, RAID, and performance options.
Thunderbolt cable OWC Thunderbolt Cable ThunderBay comes with an OWC one-meter certified Thunderbolt cable, with other lengths from 0.5 meter to 30 meters available separately.