G4 Cube

All PowerLogix Upgrade models are compatible with Apple OS 9.2.2 & Later, including OS X 'Tiger' 10.4.x.
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PowerForce '47 CUBE Upgrades! G4 Processor Upgrades for all Apple G4 Cube Models
The New PowerForce '47 Cube upgrade lines are the fastest and coolest running upgrades ever available for your PowerMac G4 Cube! Using Freescale's latest processors, these upgrades use less power, generate less heat, and run faster than same speed 7455 processor based upgrades!
PowerForce '47 upgrades feature a 512K 1:1(same speed as processor) on-chip Level 2 Cache.

The PowerForce '47 processor upgrades simply replace the stock processor card. The user removes the original processor card and installs the PowerForce card in its place. It installs easily in just a few minutes by following the included printed or video instructions.

The PowerForce '47 offers the exclusive DFS Technology to automatically adjust processor speed on the fly! A PowerLogix first!
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