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Upgrade options for:

• iMac 15" G4 (Early 2003) 800MHz
• iMac 17" G4 (Flat Panel) 800MHz
• iMac 15" G4 (Flat Panel) 800MHz
• iMac 15" G4 (Flat Panel) 700MHz

Apple factory specification maximum 1.0GB maximum RAM.

Works with Model Identifiers: PowerMac4,2 and PowerMac4,5
Where do I find this?

Why do I need more RAM?
Memory Upgrade Options for Apple iMac G4 Models:
All iMac G4 models have two different types of memory slots:
  • One "user-installable" SO-DIMM slot
  • One "factory-installed" SDRAM slot "OWC highly recommends professional installation for this module"
  • To upgrade memory to your iMac G4's full capacity, one of each type should be installed.
User Installable Memory Slot
512MB SO-DIMM Memory Module PC133 CL3
ships: Same Day
Factory Installed Memory Slot
256MB SDRAM Memory Module PC133 DRAM 168Pin
ships: Same Day
512MB SDRAM Memory Module PC133 DRAM 168Pin
ships: Same Day

Hard Drive
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Western Digital
WD Caviar SE 250GB 7200RPM
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Transform with an OWC SSD
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OWC Warranty
All OWC Memory is covered by an OWC Memory Lifetime Limited Warranty including the OWC Lifetime Advanced Replacement Program and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! This warranty shows our commitment and confidence in the product we sell. OWC certifies and tests ALL OWC memory to ensure that this memory meets or exceeds the specifications for those systems a module is listed as being correct/compatible with. Unlike the competition, OWC owns and maintains our own lab that includes nearly every Apple/Mac model we list compatibility for.

In addition to the long testing every OWC module undergoes before shipping (which goes well beyond industry standard 'short testing'), we also continuously batch test modules in the actual systems they are offered for. You can count on OWC to consistently deliver the top quality memory products you need, correct for your system for a lifetime of reliable operation.
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