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iPad & iPhone Screen Protectors

KXs Screen Protector KXs Screen Protector KXs Screen Protector NuGuard KXs screen protectors provide incredible scratch, shatter, and impact protection with crystal clear clarity, all at a price you'd pay for just a basic screen cover! KXs Screen Protector against Impacts and Scratches Impacts and Scratches KXs Screen Protector against Hail and Rocks Light Hail and Rocks KXs Screen Protector against Random Projectiles Random Projectiles
Universal, Full, or Case Friendly Sized "Universal Size" KXs Screen Armor can be used with or without a case. "Full Size" KXs Screen Armor is designed to protect your device's entire screen, while "Case Friendly" KXs Screen Armor leaves a small gap around the edge to allow room for a case.
Triple Layer X-Orbing Protection Versatile protection keeps your device's screen looking like new. Three separate layers combine into one ultra-thin, 0.28mm thick protective shield with advanced energy x-orbing technology to help prevent damage from impacts and scratches while not affecting the screen's touch sensitivity or clarity.
KXs Screen Protection Layers
Protection This crystal clear coating is Retina display friendly and keeps dust and dirt away from the screen with no image distortion, yellowing or hazing over time. Absorption This military-grade kinetic energy x-orbing protection layer is hammer-hit tough with a "3H" hardness scale rating, and can also self-heal from minor impact dents. Adhesion This self-adhesive layer requires no water or other liquids to install and provides a bubble-free look with no sticky residue if removed or repositioned.
KXs Case Friendly Protection inset from the edge KXs Full Size Protection edge-to-edge KXs Screen Protector
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