AGP Dual Compatibility
Determining dual processor compatibility with Power Mac® G4 'Gigabit Ethernet'.


From OS X:

Download and run this utility. It will report the ASIC revision of the Uni-N and whether your machine is dual processor compatible.
Note: Macs® that have the proper UniNorth chip revision but have no chance of ever accepting a dual processor (such as Titanium PowerBooks®) will be shown as "Your Mac supports Dual Processor Upgrade." Therefore please use this utility only on Power Mac G4s. Application courtesy, the French equivalent of

From OS 9.1.x or 9.2.x (will not work with earlier versions of Mac OS):

Run Apple® System Profiler.
Select "New Report" from under the file menu.

In the New Report window, check "System Profile" and "Hardware overview" check boxes.

When the report window appears, click the radio button next to "Text document."

Identify your machine type by checking the "Model name:" line.

"Power Mac G4 PCI Graphics": this model uses the PowerForce G4 ZIF and is not compatible with dual processors.

"Power Mac G4 AGP Graphics" or "Power Mac G4":

Read the last text under the "Hardware overview" section.

If it says uni-n: 7 (or greater) your machine is dual compatible.