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OWC Thunderbay IV Thunderbolt Drives & Enclosures

Thunderbolt  |  RAID Ready  |  Mac and PC

The Speed You Need

Add vast amounts of high-performance storage capacity to any Thunderbolt equipped Mac or PC with the ThunderBay IV. Take A/V post-production, photography, data management, and backup to new heights with sustained data rates of up to 895MB/s*. Thunderbay IV External Hard Drive Enclosure Profile Right Thunderbay IV External Hard Drive Enclosure Front Thunderbay IV External Hard Drive Enclosure Back Thunderbay IV External Hard Drive Enclosure Bays Thunderbay IV External Hard Drive Enclosure Profile Left
OWC ThunderBay IV Thunderbolt Drive UP TO 895MB/s READ UP TO 863MB/s WRITE
7200 RPM Hard Drives
Solid State Drives

Solid, Reliable, and Cool

The ThunderBay IV has a durable aluminum enclosure that protects the four internal drives while keeping them cool thanks to its superior heat dissipation. A locking faceplate keeps the drives secure. Power and drive status light show system status at a glance.

Real-Time Editing

You can now work at the full speed of the drive. Create, backup your data, or edit multiple uncompressed video streams faster and more efficiently than ever. See some impressive benchmarks »
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The Perfect Mac Pro Migration Drive

You don't have to give up your drive bays when migrating from a Mac Pro tower to the new Mac Pro. Simply plug in the ThunderBay IV to your new Mac Pro and you'll have four drives with a Thunderbolt interface capable of running all the drives at full speed – just as if they were installed internally.

Thunderbolt Daisy-chain Capable

Add high–performance features by daisy chaining up to six devices plus one high-resolution display. Of course, the biggest benefit is even when you use a ThunderBay IV, you will still have an available Thunderbolt port.
OWC Thunderbolt Cable
diglloyd "The performance is outstanding ... speeds are exceptional ... the Thunderbay itself is an efficient unit that does not get in the way of performance." — Lloyd Chambers, DigLloyd Mac
Performance Guide
TweakTown "With four bays and configurations in 4TB to 16TB capacities, this should give any prosumer the amount of storage they need with ample performance to get the job done." — Tyler Bernath, TweakTown Pro Video Coalition "... a perfect companion for the serious video editor ... quite the workhorse for me as it churns through editorial without missing a beat ... " — Scott Simmons, Pro Video Coalition
*895MB/s achieved with 4 OWC SSDs running in a software performance RAID-0
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