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OWC Memory
Fast, High-Quality Memory Upgrades for your Apple Computer
Fully tested and Apple Qualified to ensure a lifetime of trouble-free operation.
Why Buy OWC Brand Memory?
  • Meets or exceeds manufacturer specifications.
  • Rigorously in-house lab tested to ensure superior quality, compatibility and reliability.
  • Backed by industry leading lifetime advanced replacement. If you need your OWC memory replaced, we will ship to you same day.
OWC Memory Test Lab
You can count on OWC to consistently deliver on high quality and compatible memory. We own and maintain an on-site, state-of-the-art Test Lab to ensure our upgrades meet, if not surpass all Apple Design Specifications.
OWC Memory Test Lab
OWC MaxRAM Memory Certification
The OWC 'MaxRAM' Certification Program determines the maximum amount of memory that can be installed in a Mac as validated by a series of comprehensive, in-house laboratory tests. OWC 'MaxRAM' configurations exceed Apple's officially supported maximums.
OWC Memory Warranty
OWC is very pleased to offer our customers a Lifetime Advance Replacement Warranty and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on our standard OWC branded memory upgrade offerings.

OWC certifies and tests ALL OWC memory to ensure that it meets or exceeds the specifications for those systems a module is listed as being compatible with!

Memory Warranty/Guarantee
What OWC Customers
Are Saying
"As a 10-year OWC customer, I have recommended OWC to friends, colleagues, and students because of your product reliability and durability, especially RAM." - Dave B., Milford, CT

"Received 16GB memory for my iMac in just four days to Australia, and at under half price that Apple charges. OWC is Numero Uno for prices, goods and helpful advice." - Giorgio B., Vancluse, New South Wales, Australia

"What a great company...I ordered RAM on Thursday and got it on Monday IN BELGIUM!" - Tim M., Limburg, Belgium

Benchmarks - See home more memory can really make the difference!
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