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OWC External Enclosures OWC External Enclosures Enclosures for 3.5" Drives Enclosures for 2.5" Drives Optical Drive Enclosure
build drive solutions Select, Use, Build Solutions with Drives you Choose FireWire 800 / USB 3.0 / USB 2.0 / eSATA and Thunderbolt interface options 3.5-inch Drives External Enclosures for: 3.5" Drives Single, dual, 4, and 8 drive options OWC enclosures for 3.5-inch drives 3.5" Enclosures 2.5-inch Drives External Enclosures for: 2.5" Drives Single and dual drive options OWC enclosures for 2.5-inch drives 2.5" Enclosures Optical Drives External Enclosures for: Optical Drives Portable and desktop drive options OWC enclosures for optical drives Optical Enclosures
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