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Add an OWC Solid State Drive (sold separately) to your hard drive only equipped iMac to experience
faster booting, near instant application launches and data transfer speeds up to 559MB/s!
You can also upgrade a 2011 iMac's hard drive.
SSD Upgrade DIY Kits
New HDD Upgrade DIY Kits for 2011 & Later Apple iMacs
Unlike Prior Generation Apple iMacs, the 2011 models incorporated customer firmware for getting drive temperature data. OWC's Exclusive HDD Kits for 2011 include our custom digital monitor that 'talks Apple SMC' to allow you to replace existing 3.5" HDD with any 3.5" SATA HDD of your choice up to 6.0TB.
Also available! Click Here for Mac mini, MacBook, and MacBook Pro SSD/HD Add on 'Data Doubler Kits'
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