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Mac of the Month iMac G5 header image Our NEW Mac of the Month Program is here to guide you as you upgrade your machine. 
	This month's Mac is the iMac G5, check out all of our wonderful upgrades that are made specifically for your iMac G5!

i360 image
SuperDrive image
iGo Stand image
iGo Stand image
Rain Design's i360
A Turntable for
your iMac G5

Burn DVDs & CDs FAST
Internal 8X 'SuperDrive'
Burns Dual Layer DVD

Rain Design's iGo Stand
Use it Standing or on
a Bar Counter Stool
Rain Design's iGo Stand
Use it with an Office
Chair or Sofa
memory image
Lugger Blue 2 tone image
iMac G5 Memory
Pump your new G5
with up to 2GBs
inside for more speed

iLugger by LTA Projects
Carry your iMac G5
with style

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