Our Story

In 2023 we celebrated our 35th anniversary serving the Apple community with the best upgrades, gear, and accessories. We cannot thank our customers enough for the opportunity to serve, dream big, and for allowing us to do what we love so much each and every day. We can't wait to showcase everything we have planned for the next few years, and we're excited by the boundless opportunities the next 35 years will bring.

Always focused onward and upward with dedication to innovation, quality, and trust, we always strive to go further to deliver a better return on our customers' technology investments. Our customers rely on us to provide dependable products and support, without hesitation or compromise. We're committed to providing free, comprehensive educational content and the support necessary to ensure that the MacSales.com customer experience is second to none.

Founded in Woodstock, IL in 1988 by Larry O'Connor, Other World / MacSales.com is the premier online source for storage, upgrade and expansion products for Mac and iOS device users around the globe. For over 35 years, we've delivered outstanding software and solutions from OWC, NewerTech and others, as well as comprehensive, free resources so you can go further with your technology. Customer inspired, team focused, OWC designs, manufactures, and offers the best solutions for enabling your world. When it has to work, customers choose OWC. We’re here for you and here only because of you.

Thank you for choosing OWC!

35+ Years OWC was founded in in Woodstock, IL, in 1988 by Larry O'Connor.


3,000+ We've built a great library of 3,000+ products for Macs and iDevices.


190+ Every year we ship to more than 190 countries to reach Mac enthusiasts the world over.

OWC Woodstock
Our LEED Platinum Certified Campus in Woodstock, IL
Inc. 500
International CES 2014
U.S. Green Building Council
BBB Accredited Business
Energy Star
Reseller Rating
Readers Choice
Top Green IT Organizations
Business International Group Company of the Year 2013
McHenery County 2008 & 2011 Business Champion Award
MacSales.com is dedicated to delivering products, support and advice that allow you to go further with your Mac, iOS device, gaming console and more. We strongly believe that you can always do it yourself, so our award-winning, 24/7 customer service department is always on hand to help you with your upgrades.

The Environment

We're always committed to giving our customers more at MacSales.com, and that extends beyond our business into the community. We take environmental stewardship very seriously, constantly striving to improve our environmental footprint and working towards 100% sustainability.

Significant efforts in on-site renewable energy, including our solar arrays in Austin, Texas and Woodstock, IL locations and our wind-turbine in Woodstock, make MacSales.com a net energy producer, operating on renewable power and delivering surplus energy back to the grid. In March 2010, MacSales.com corporate campus was designated LEED® Platinum by the Green Building Certification Institute.

815,000 kWh Installed in 2009, our 194-foot-tall, Vestas V39 wind turbine generates about 815,000 kWh of electricity per year.


325,000 kWh Our solar array in Woodstock, IL generates 265,000 kWh of energy per year, and our Austin, Texas array produces 60,000 kWh.


On-Site Power Generation

We generate power at our Woodstock, IL campus both through solar generation with our 20,000 square foot rooftop solar array, as well as a 500kWh rated Vestas wind turbine. We produce so much energy that it offsets all of the energy that we consume in all three of our facilities in three states.

With wind and solar power generation combined with extreme energy efficiency in all of our locations, we are a total net producer of renewable energy — as our energy production surpasses our year-on-year energy requirements. Not only does this allow us to operate an environmentally sustainable business, it also allows us to do so with a high return on investment in power generation

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Our new sustainable campus opens in Woodstock, IL

Our wind turbine at our Illinois campus goes online

Illinois campus earns LEED® Platinum and ENERGY STAR®

Box size program starts, reducing up to 60% of box volume

Our first solar array goes online at our Austin, Texas facility

Our second solar array goes online at our Illinois campus