Mac Replacement Batteries

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Battery replacements for Mac laptops

If your MacBook battery is draining quickly, or if you recently purchased a used Mac laptop and want to switch out the battery, it’s probably time to replace it with a NewerTech battery. NewerTech battery replacements are a great way to ensure your Mac runs reliably for years to come. Each battery is engineered to perfectly fit your Mac model and offers full compatibility with applicable OEM sleep and power reduction modes. NewerTech batteries also can offer up to 23% more capacity than the original Apple factory batteries.

How to check the battery health on Mac?

Your Mac battery health is primarily determined by the number of charge cycles it has completed since its purchase. For most MacBooks released after 2010, that number is 1,000; but for older models released before 2010, the cycle count can be as low as 300.

To check your battery cycle count, select “About this Mac” from the Apple menu, click “System Report,” and under “Hardware” click “Power.” Under “Health information” you will see how many cycles your battery has experienced up to this point. If the cycle count is nearing your Mac model limit, or the ‘condition’ is anything other than “Normal,” you should consider replacing your battery.

How long does a Mac battery last?

How long a Mac battery lasts largely depends on the usage of your Mac and how often you keep it plugged into power. If you regularly keep your Mac unplugged and let the battery run down each day, it should last you somewhere between 3-5 years before you need to replace the battery. However, if you use your Mac as a desktop and keep it plugged in at all times, you will reduce the number of cycles your battery goes through and thus prolong the life of your battery for several more years.

What is a good battery cycle count for Mac batteries?

A good battery cycle count for Mac batteries largely depends on how many years you plan to use the Mac in question before replacing the battery. It also depends on how the laptop has been used. A battery that is older, but with fewer cycles can actually have less run time capacity than a fresher battery that has more run time cycles due to the impact of ‘exercise and use’ on battery health. Whether your current Mac or a used Mac you are buying, a battery with less than 300 cycles should be expected to still deliver reasonable run-time performance. This is impacted by the age of the original battery, so the age of the laptop should always be kept in mind. Otherwise, a battery reporting over or approaching 1000 cycle counts is likely at or near its time to be replaced.

If you are buying a used Mac released later than 2010 and would like to continue to use your Mac for 3 years or more, we recommend purchasing a Mac with 300 battery cycles or fewer. Otherwise, you should plan to replace the battery as the battery count nears 1,000.