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Wireless Speaker - Olive

New Condition | Open Box

Contemporary Design
The DS6 wireless speaker and radio adds a great sounding retro element to your home or office. The smooth, contemporary design, discreet touch sensitive controls and the dimming display respond to your touch and environment.
Bluetooth® Technology
This tabletop speaker utilizes Bluetooth® wireless technology for convenient music streaming from your phone, tablet or computer.
FM Radio + Digital Clock
Tune in to your favorite FM radio stations. A vibrant, stylish digital display shows the time, wireless connection, and radio station - all easily controlled with a remote.
Remote Control
The DS6 wireless speaker comes with an upgraded remote for easy volume control, pause/play, fast-forward and rewind, mute, wireless sync, time adjustments and station selection.
Plug + Play
The DS6 wireless speaker also includes an auxillary audio input and a separate USB port that acts as a charging station for your electronic devices.

Product Specifications

  • Frequency Response
    • 55Hz-18kHz
  • Drivers
    • High-Frequency / Tweeter: 1" diameter
  • Wireless Technology
    • Bluetooth
  • Power Source
    • AC Adapter
  • Housing Color
    • White
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 21.6 cm (8.5 in)
    • Length: 17.8 cm (7.0 in)
    • Width: 24.9 cm (9.8 in)
  • Weight
    • 3.7 kg (8.20 lbs)
  • Audio Inputs
    • 3.5mm stereo jack
    • Bluetooth
  • Volume Control
    • Volume +/- Buttons
Manufacturer provided specifications for Jamo p/n JAM1062877O


Jamo DS6 Wireless Speaker - Olive Mfr P/N: 1062877 OWC SKU: JAM1062877O Featuring Bluetooth® technology, a digital clock, FM radio, USB charging port, and remote control *New Condition | Open Box* Klipsch 1 Year Limited Warranty
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