Drive Keeps the Peace Between PCs and Macs

I think it was Abraham Lincoln who said (paraphrasing, here), “Some computer systems have USB all of the time, and some have FireWire all of the time, but almost no external drives have both USB and FireWire all of the rest of the time.”

Other World Computing’s (OWC) Mercury Elite and Elite Pro Combo drives make it easy for users totransfer or back up data, or use files, with either transfer technology.

The Elite is ideal for professionals and consumers who need convenient, portable storage for large amounts of data. The drive can be used to back up data, transport and synchronize files between multiple computers, and free up valuable hard disk space on existing computers, and is ideal for audio/video applications. The drives are also especially convenient when transferring data between one computer that has only FireWire ports and another that has only USB—say, a Mac to a PC.

The Mac OS and Windows-compatible combo drives are available in storage capacities ranging from 40GB to 120GB, and feature transfer rates of up to 480Mbps with USB 2.0, and up to 400Mbps with the FireWire connection.

The Mercury Elite drives are compatible with any computer with a FireWire or USB port, using either Mac OS 8.6–9.2.2, Mac OS X, and Windows 98 or higher operating systems.

Another plus: Mercury Elite Combo drives spin at 7,200 rpm—for up to 30-percent faster transfers than 5,400 rpm drives.

Each combo drive includes a FireWire cable, USB cable, an external power supply, Intech’s HD SpeedTools software, and a one-year warranty. USB 2.0 is backward-compatible with USB 1.1 (but note that USB 1.1 is about 40°— slower than 2.0), as are all of OWC’s Mercury combo drives.

Pricing for the Mercury Elite 7200 Combo model begins at $189.99 for the 40GB drive up to $299.99 for the 120GB drive. Mercury drives are available exclusively through OWC at