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Performance Testing

Performance Testing & Benchmarking

Enhancing and Accelerating Classic Mode under Mac OS X 10.2 "Jaguar"
October 11, 2002
Unsupported System Installations / Hacks

Installing OpenGL while using Mac OS 8.6
August 2, 2002
Digital Video Benchmarking

OS X Digital Video Benchmarking
May 7, 2002

Upgrading Memory in the '08 Mac Pros
February 15, 2008

Upgrading Memory and Hard Drive in your MacBook Pro
May 31st, 2007

Upgrading Memory in your MacBook
May 31st, 2007

Mac mini benchmark testing
January 27, 2005

The ZIF Shootout

Testing 100MHz & 133MHz single and dual AGP accelerator cards
with Mac OS X 10.3 "Panther"

December 19, 2003

Which is faster? Serial ATA or ATA/133 Parallel ATA?
October 10, 2003

OWC has tested every shipping single and dual processor upgrade for AGP
systems in this article! Also compare G5 systems to upgrade cards!!

September 19, 2003, 13th and final Edition!

AGP Video Card Shootout - Why upgrade your video card and processor?
June 6, 2003

Comparison of current G3 and G4 processor upgrades in the Beige G3 & B&W G3
March 28, 2003

Testing the Sonnet Encore/ST processors up to 1.2GHz and the PowerLogix
PowerForce G4 Series 100 Dual processor

October 25, 2002, 11/15/02 and 1/31/03

Upgrading your 133MHz Power Mac G4 System
January 24, 2003

Add a faster ATA Controller to just about any Mac with a PCI Slot!
December 6, 2002

Performance testing upgrades using Photoshop 7
November 1, 2002

Which is faster? A G3/500MHz-512k with a 3:1 cache
or a G3/400MHz-1MB with a 2:1 cache?

October 18, 2002

Performance testing the Sonnet Crescendo/PCI G4/800MHz upgrade
September 13, 2002

Performance testing the PowerLogix PowerForce G4 Series 100
1GHz and 800MHz Processor Upgrades

August 16, 2002, updated August 31, 2002

Testing using Let1KWindowsBloom and ShadowKiller
August 23, 2002

Which is faster? An upgraded Power Macintosh G4 "Sawtooth"
or a top of the line iMac G4?

August 23, 2002

Review of the Newer Technology NuPowr G4/500 Pismo
July 12, 2002 (benchmarks included)

Performance Testing the PowerMac Blue & White / OS X using SpeedRun
June 28, 2002

Upgrading your PCI Based Power Macintosh - 7300 System tested
May 1 - in progress

Upgrading your Power Macintosh G3 "Beige"
April 19-26, 2002, page 3 updated June 21, 2002

ATA Controller Cards & Software vs. Hardware RAIDs

VST UltraTek ATA/66 Ultra ATA PCI Controller with 7600 Review
Feb, 2001

Software and Hardware RAID comparisons
Jan 15, 2001
Putting FW to use for an Average and Advanced User

What FireWire Means to the Average User
November 21, 2001
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