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Manager BiosLarry O’Connor, CEO - Other World ComputingLarry O’Connor, , is the founder and chief executive officer of Illinois-based Other World Computing (OWC®). The company is a leading provider of quality computer upgrade products and services for Macintosh® users around the world.

Under O’Connor’s leadership, OWC has demonstrated dynamic growth in each of its of operation. Starting as a one-man business in 1988, O’Connor has provided the leadership and vision to establish OWC as the leading provider of technology products and services it is today. OWC is currently ranked the number one technology employer in its local area, employing more than 150 people on its team today.
OWC 'Green' Building
The current 37,000 square-foot OWC Corporate Headquarters building, opened in March, 2008, is the culmination of that forward movement. O'Connor's "Green" building design principals of energy efficiency, protection of natural resources, and lowered pollution emissions have demonstrated a commitment to environmental responsibility that matches OWC's commitment to customer service and product quality.

In 2008, Other World Computing was named one of the Top 12 Green-IT Companies by Computerworld Magazine for the innovative, environmentally responsible design of the OWC's corporate headquarters building.

By activating an on-site wind turbine in October 2009, OWC became the first technology manufacturer/distributor in U.S. to become 100% on-site wind powered. The turbine cleanly generates more net energy than is consumed by OWC's operations and datacenter.

The Other World Computing corporate campus was awarded LEED Platinum Certification in March 2010 by the Green Building Certification Institute. Platinum is the highest achievable level of the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Program, which began in 1998. Out of more than 14,000 LEED projects engaged worldwide since the program's inception, OWC is one of less than three hundred to achieve the Platinum standard. With this recognition, OWC also became the first privately owned light manufacturing/assembly building in Illinois to obtain LEED Platinum status.

OWC continues to lead the way with ongoing recycling programs. The NewerTech® laptop battery recycling program was the first of its kind, and is currently the only fully prepaid battery recycling program. The entire OWC facility has a strong corporate focus on recycling of all day-to-day operational materials, for a near zero waste program.

Technology innovation never stands still, and over the years O’Connor has led OWC and its subsidiaries to add thousands of consumer electronics and computer hardware products to its inventory. Products debuted under O’Connor’s direction have won pinnacle award recognition from the international press, including Macworld, MacLife, iPod Observer, MacUser, Creative Mac News, Layers and Photoshop User.

OWC product lines have grown to include: O’Connor and the OWC team will continue to follow the highest standards of commitment to innovation, customer service and product quality in an environmentally responsible way. By providing customers with the expertise they have come to expect and the products they will need in years to come, OWC will continue to earn customer loyalty, one customer at a time.