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OWC 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

All OWC Memory is covered by a Lifetime Advance Replacement Warranty and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. This warranty shows our commitment and confidence in the product we sell. OWC certifies and tests ALL OWC memory to ensure that this memory meets or exceeds the specifications for those systems a module is listed as being correct/compatible with. Unlike the competition, OWC owns and maintains our own lab that includes nearly every Apple/Mac model we list compatibility for. In addition to the long testing every OWC module before shipping (most just short test if they test at all), we also continuously batch test modules in the actual machines. You can count on OWC to consistently deliver the top quality memory products you need, correct for your system for a lifetime of reliable operation.

OWC Memory Warranty/ Guarantee terms:

Within 15 Days of invoice date*: Should any issue be experienced with a module in a system it is listed to be compatible with, OWC will - at no cost to you - issue a Return Shipment Label that covers the return shipping of said product back to OWC. It will be your choice at that time for OWC to advance ship replacement product or request that OWC provide a full refund for the original product upon its return to OWC. OWC covers the full cost of returning the product as well as the cost of shipping the replacement.

Within 30 Days of invoice date: Any memory module may be returned for refund or to be exchanged for a different item. Refund/Exchange value provided for memory returned is lesser of the invoiced price or current web listed selling price. Return must be reviewed within 30 days of the original invoice date, after 30 days - Lifetime Warranty terms apply.

A Lifetime Warranty applies to all OWC Memory items unless otherwise specified. Should your memory product cease to function in a system that module was listed as compatible with at the time of purchase, OWC will replace the module at no cost. At your option, OWC can either advance ship a replacement via a credit card authorization that will be released upon receipt of the original product or do standard replacement whereby OWC will ship the replacement memory upon receipt of the suspect product. In either case, you will be responsible for the return freight to OWC and OWC will be responsible and cover the cost for shipping the replacement product to you.

The OWC Lifetime Warranty on memory does not cover damage that is the result of mishandling, incorrect installation, or incorrect use and is limited to the OWC memory module. Although relatively rare, the most common mistake we see with memory installation is where the module has been forced into a slot backwards. All memory modules have a notch or notches on the pin connector that connects into the computer's memory slot. The memory slot has corresponding 'blocks/breaks' that line up with the notches so the correct installation orientation is easy to determine. Sometimes it takes a little bit of force to push a module into the slot and you can remove and re-insert an existing module just to get comfortable with the process. As long as you have taken care to line the notches up, and push the memory in all the way, you'll be good to go every time! *15 Day DOA Pickup Policy applies only for delivery/pickup within the USA.

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