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NRGMessenger Series
15-inch Laptop Bag

Water Resistant / 16,000 MAH
When you work at a sleuth agency, you learn a lot of lessons through hardships. Over the years, I have handled several dozen cases, each challenging in its own way and each having taught me something new. I, Dash Hudson, is becoming one of the best spies this agency has seen in a long time. But I know my life is on the line and any mistake can be a mortal one.
Last week I got an urgent assignment from my agency just when I was planning to step out for a movie night (Transformers) out with friends. But, such is the life of a spy.
I was told by my boss that a gang of goons was planning to meet in the deserted rail dock yard of the city. As, I got the call after I had stepped out from home, I was totally unprepared. I, had to intercept the gang on my own and I did not even have my Glock with me.
All I had was my cell phone and the Ghostek NRG Messenger series laptop backpack and my laptop that I had carried to share some files with a friend. I had no time to lose. So, I slung the bag across my back and left for the assignment.
Within a few minutes, it began to rain. For a brief moment I was worried that my phone and laptop could be damaged. And, then I remembered that the backpack was waterproof. I ducked under shelters and made my way towards the dockyard.
When I finally reached the spot, the place was deserted. No one was in sight and the moon was pale. I crept silently into the old building. Once I reached I could hear whispers. Using my night vision goggles I could spot these career criminals. A dozen of them and I was alone. But I was not too worried. I know how handle myself in these types of situations.
I switched on the laptop using the backpacks massive embedded battery and moved the backpack to cover my chest to make all of this easier. I started the voice recorder. I also messaged my agency, updating them. The backup team was on the way I was told.
Suddenly I stepped on rat's tail since it was difficult to see and it squeaked. The thugs sensed my presence and I packed the laptop quickly into the bag, slung it back on my back, and ran away in the dark - or at least I tried too. I smashed the laptop bag into the face of one of the goons who tried to overpower me from behind. Little did he expect that he would get a blow on his face from a backpack!
I was soon able to disarm him and hold him hostage. The other thugs slowed their roll and stayed rooted in their spots. Before they could plan their next move, the siren was heard and spotlights flashed. Voila. My team arrived. My Ghostek NRG Messenger series laptop backpack saved the day - again!

Product Specifications:

Ghostek Part Number

  • BG009


  • Black
Manufacturer provided specifications for Ghostek p/n BG009 UPC#: 643217498606



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Reviewer: seahawk Location: Athens, Greece Age: 35-44 Experience Level: Home User Owned Product: less than a month
Rating: 5/5 Must-buy for everyone January 4, 2018 Gorgeous backpack, containing the most important gadget enormous powerbank, extremely useful for a lot of moving around. Backpack is strong, durable, loads of pockets and space.

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Ghostek NRGMessenger Series 15-inch Laptop Bag Mfr P/N: BG009 OWC SKU: GHOBG009 16000mAh battery power bank water resistant, multipurpose laptop messenger book bag Ghostek 1 Year Limited Warranty Ships: Same Day
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