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Sustain Pedal

Professional Piano Style Pedal
The M-Audio SP-2 Sustain Pedal is the perfect product for keyboard players who want the most realistic pedal action.

The SP-2 model is used in the same manner as the sustain pedal on an acoustic piano. This classic style pedal works with all keyboards, synthesizers, tone modules, and drum machines. Designed to work and feel just like an acoustic piano's sustain pedal, it has a specially designed rubber bottom that grips the floor and stays put while you play. The SP-2 is a high-quality switchable damper pedal.

M-Audio SP-2 Sustain Pedal Mfr P/N: 99004080500 OWC SKU: MID99004080500 Professional piano style pedal compatible with all electronic keyboards M-Audio 1 Year Limited Warranty
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