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FM Transmitter for iPod

Introducing the RoadTrip!
Play your tunes, listen, enjoy the ride!
The Newer Technology RoadTrip! FM transmitter is a perfect balance of high quality sound and low cost. In our testing, this unit outperformed every other product we compared it with. Period. Our tests were performed in the metropolitan areas of Northern Illinois/Chicagoland, an area with an abundance of high-power FM stations. In such areas it tends to be difficult, if not impossible to get a clear signal lock. Not only does the Newer Technology RoadTrip! come through loud and clear, it was the ONLY one to not have signal bleed through or static noise in testing.

The Newer Technology RoadTrip! FM transmitter is the utmost in simplicity when it comes to hooking it up and using it. Even with a strong station nearby (we've got one about 20 miles away), once it is powered on - the signal is still CLEAN! This thing REALLY WORKS and it works that well! Forget about strange playlists of multiple frequencies to load onto your iPod, no buttons to press on the transmitter to "lock into" a clear frequency, you just tune to 87.9FM - It's that simple!

Product Specifications:

NewerTech Part Number


Cable Length

  • 76 cm (30")

Power Usage

  • 50 mA (± 10 mA)

Frequency Range

  • 20 – 18 KHz

Output Frequency

  • 87.9 MHz


Manufacturer provided specifications for Newer Technology p/n NWTROADTRIP879
NewerTech RoadTrip! FM Transmitter Mfr P/N: NWTROADTRIP879 OWC SKU: NWTROADTRIP879 FM transmitter for iPod NewerTech 1 Year Limited Warranty
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