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Up to
MORE capacity*
65 Watt-Hour
NewerTech NuPower® Battery
For PowerBook G3 Wallstreet (1998 model/black keyboard)

The highest capacity, reliability and quality available from
the leading name in Mac performance upgrades since 1984!
M4753, 65 Watt-Hour NewerTech NuPower® Battery
Not only do NewerTech batteries provide longer run-times vs. other brands -
they're also built to last.
A Perfect-fit Solution®
NuPower batteries are engineered to perfectly complement the fit and finish of your Mac notebook as well as offer full compatibility with applicable OEM sleep and power reduction modes.

Powerful and Responsible
NuPower battery upgrade solutions are environmentally responsible and feature RoHS certification to be free of lead, mercury, cadmium, PBBs, and PBDE. We also offer a comprehensive recycling program for your old battery, as well as an industry-leading 1-year warranty.
Newer Makes Your Mac® Better Than New!
When high-performance, quality, and longevity are your battery upgrade criteria, NuPower is your answer. NuPower batteries are designed to meet and exceed factory specifications, so now you can listen to more music, watch more videos, and get more work done between recharges. To ensure your confidence and satisfaction, these highest-quality batteries are backed by free, award-winning US-based support and a one-year, 48-hour or less turnaround warranty.
Be sure to get the right battery for your laptop!
This NewerTech NuPower battery is compatible with...
M6385GA, 661-2069, M4685, M6138LL/A, Apple equivalent part | PowerBook G3 Wallstreet
ONLY FOR PowerBook G3 Wallstreet (1998 model/black keyboard)
  • 314 or 312 | 233MHz, 250MHz, 292MHz
  • 312 | 233MHz, 266MHz
Known Apple equivalent replacement part numbers: M6385GA, 661-2069, M6385, M4685 or M6138LL/A

Battery Specs:

  • Lithium-Ion Technology
  • 65 Watt-Hour
  • RoHS certified: Free of lead, mercury, cadmium, PBBs, and PBDE
  • 1yr NewerTech Warranty

Battery Recycling Program

Battery Recycling Program Each new battery includes an informative battery recycling page that details the options you have for the disposal of your old battery.

View Recycling Options
*Up to 32% more capacity than the Apple original battery that shipped with the PowerBook G3 Wallstreet (1998 model/black keyboard)