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OWC Laptop Screen Protector

Keyboard only style for nearly any laptop.

Is your laptop's screen getting oily, filmy, or just dirty even though you never touch your screen?
In many instances, this is caused by the natural oils from your fingers transferring from the keyboard to the monitor while the laptop is closed. The OWC Laptop Screen Protector is made of 100% top grain leather and designed to protect your laptop's screen from oils and dirt that can become increasingly more difficult to clean over time.

The Laptop Screen Protector has one side of the leather finished in a smooth, tight pinpoint grain, called a chrome finish, to protect your screen from any lint or dirt gathered by an unfinished hide. The back side that lays on top of the keyboard is a soft suede backing, natural unfinished leather hide.
Why top grain vegetable tanned cowhide?
Leather has always been thought of as one of nature's most durable yet diverse materials. Vegetable Tanned Leather is definitively the best answer for a top quality product which is respectful of the environment. The leather used to create the Laptop Screen Protector is glove soft, so you can rest assured that your laptop screen is protected.

Vegetable tanning is a mixture of technological innovation, scientific research, and the best tanning tradition of Tuscany. The result of this particular processing is a top quality range of products, highly wear resistant and destined to improve with time. The leather hide used in this product is tanned exclusively by means of substances derived from plants and barks, according to an ancient tradition which dates back to early history.

Note: This is an all NATURAL product. Some slight marks, or blemishes may appear on the surface of the protector. This is not because of low quality, but rather should be viewed as proof of a genuine leather product.
Special Bonus: Free Klear Screen Cleaning Kit!
The Laptop screen protector also ships with a Klear Screen Single Use screen cleaner & wipe. The iKlear formula by Klear Screen is 100% Alcohol and Ammonia free, non-toxic, non-damaging, and non-flammable. iKlear is the only cleaner recommended by Apple Tech Support and used by Apple Care. We suggest you use it to give your screen (and keys) a fresh start before using the laptop screen protector.

Click for our detailed instruction page on how to properly clean and care for your laptop screen.

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Product Specifications

Manufacturer Part Number

  • LSP


  • Measuring 5 by 11.5 inches, this model screen protector covers the full size keyboard of most laptop models.


  • Made in the USA.


This OWC Screen Protector is compatible with...
MacBook Air
MacBook Air (11-inch)
(2010-2011 Models)
MacBook Air
MacBook Air (13-inch)
(2008-2011 Models)
MacBook Pro Unibody
MacBook Pro (13-inch Unibody)
(2009-2012 Models)
MacBook Pro Unibody
MacBook Pro (15-inch Unibody)
(2008-2012 Models)
MacBook Pro Unibody
MacBook Pro (17-inch Unibody)
(2009-2010 Models)
MacBook Pro Unibody
MacBook (13-inch White Unibody)
(2009-2010 Models)
MacBook Pro Unibody
MacBook (13-inch Unibody)
(2008 Models)
MacBook (13-inch White / Black)
(2006-2009 Models)
MacBook Pro 15
MacBook Pro (15-inch)
(2006-2008 Models)
MacBook Pro 17
MacBook Pro (17-inch)
(2006-2008 Models)
iBook G4 14
iBook G4 (14-inch)
(2003-2005 Models)
iBook G4 14
iBook G3 (14-inch)
(2001-2003 Models)
PowerBook G4
PowerBook G4 (17-inch)
(2003-2005 Models)
PowerBook G4
PowerBook G4 (15-inch Aluminum)
(2003-2005 Models)
PowerBook G4
PowerBook G4 (15-inch Titanium)
(2001-2002 Models)
PowerBook G3
PowerBook G3
(1998-2000 Models)
Any Laptop Full Keyboard
Any Laptop / Notebook with a full size keyboard.
(Screen Protector measures 5" x 11")
OWC Screen Protector Mfr P/N: LSP OWC SKU: OWCLSP For the MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, 15" or 17" PowerBook, or any Laptop / Notebook computer with full-size keyboard - fits over the keyboard area only. Top Quality, Glove Soft Leather screen protector. Made in USA. 1 Year OWC Limited Warranty
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