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We recommend OWC 6x Optical Quantum Printable Quantum Blu-ray Disc (Mfr P/N: 6XBDR25GP01C) from Other World Computing for $1.25 as a suitable alternative.


4X BD-R Blu-Ray Media

Single in DVD Case | 25GB
Philips Blu-ray discs are manufactured to have wide recording power margins and have been certified to conform to the demanding specification standards set by the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA). This means that they are compatible with any brand of BD drive or recorder.
25GB Capacity
These BD-R discs offer 25GB storage capacity on a single-side, single-layer disc to record your HD videos or archive your photos, footages, music and other digital contents.
Inkjet Printable
Looking for a new way to customize your Blu-ray discs for your next promotion or sales even? Inkjet Printable Media brings you a great way to express your creativity! Until recently, printing directly onto Optical Discs wasn't something to do in your home or home office: the printing equipment was expensive for anyone that print in low volumes, and the printers were highly specialized. Now, companies like Canon, Epson, Hewlett Packard, Primera, and Rimage offer printers designed to print on DVD inkjet printable media.

Product Specifications:

Philips Part Number

  • BR2I4B25F/27-1

Media Type

  • BD-R


  • 1-4x


  • 25GB; 23.31GiB


  • DVD Case


  • 1

Burn Type

  • Write Once

Form Factor

  • 120mm Standard

Media Type

  • Blu-ray Recordable Media


  • No Warranty
Manufacturer provided specifications for Philips p/n BR2I4B25F/27-1


Philips 4X BD-R Blu-Ray Media Mfr P/N: BR2I4B25F/27-1 OWC SKU: PHLBR2I4B25F271 BD-R write-once injet-printable blu-ray disc in DVD case
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